Monday, February 23, 2009

Well, It's A Good Thing!

Hahahahaha! We finally got our approval letter from HOA saying it's okay for us to relandscape our frontyard. Phew! So I guess we can go ahead and do it! =)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

To All The Non-Believers:

I DID get the yards landscaped! And I AM exhausted! But here I am, instead of taking a nap before work, I'm blogging and I'll even post some pictures of my fabulous yard. First of all, Amber's been losing more teeth. She lost 2 in 2 days, but they weren't right next to each other, so she was pretty goofy looking for a few days.

Finally, the middle tooth came out and now she has 3 in a row gone. She was excited to get $2 for the last tooth. Only because the Tooth Fairy's assistant took pity on the poor girl. That darn tooth was a pill! I finally just yanked as hard as I could, and wouldn't you know it, part of the gum was attatched to the darn thing! Whoops! But it had to come out. The adult tooth was already showing.
Now, on to the yards. As you can see, the before pictures are pretty bleak. Just imagine it now with lots of giant dog poo. I had raked it all up before the landscapers came to do estimates cause it was gross. And giant. The big brown spot in the frontyard used to be a big Mesquite tree. We hated it! The dumb tree had 2-3in thorns everywhere! Sooo not kid friendly. So David ripped it out and we didn't get charged for tree removal. At the moment, it's sitting in our garage waiting to be chopped up in pieces to fit in our trash can.
See how pretty our yards are now??? The front yard is done. The tree will grow to full size within 4 years. Isn't it a cute baby tree?? =)

The backyard is maybe 75% done. We're putting in a waterfall in the corner, a playhouse for the kids to the left of the waterfall, a bench to the right of it, and the dirt you see in the foreground is still in debate. David wanted to put in a putting green, but I think he's considering doing a patio thing with outdoor tile, firepit, gazebo, and patio furniture. I kinda think this is a better idea because it's more versatile than a putting green. Only so many people would appreciate that. More would enjoy a nice gathering area for parties or whatever.
The sideyard with the tiny strip of grass is a dog run. We still have to put up the fence. We got a small doghouse for Katie already, but we're still saving up for a shed wich will go in the very back against the fence.
So that's our yards. Didn't I tell you they look nice???

Friday, February 13, 2009

Double Hooray!!!

Well, our landscaping is DONE! About a dozen guys came yesterday at 8:30 to work on it. They had the jackhammer going getting rid of cement around the back porch while others were trenching and shoveling gravel in the front. I left for work at 11, but David says they were done by 2:30. 6 hours and now my back and frontyards are gorgeous! Hoorah! I'll post pics when I have more time and energy.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I just cannot possibly contain my excitement any longer! We got our tax return today and we're getting the backyard landscaped!!!!!! Yeeeeeaaaaaaa!!!!! I can't wait till it's done. Right now it's just dirt. That's it. Oh, and some small rocks. And dog poo. But pretty darn soon there'll be sprinklers, and grass, and a border, and gravel, and everything! I'll post pics when it's done. =)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Amber's Fun Birthday Weekend

Amber was lucky this year and had 2 fun birthday days. The first set of pics is from the parties and the second is from our fun day at the Wildlife World Zoo. Enjoy!
I have always, always had problems stacking cakes. *sigh* I should probably take a "Stacking Cakes" class sometime.
Amber had a pumpkin pie for her "real" birthday. Soooo much easier than cake!

The second set of pics:
What a fun ride!


Inside the aquarium, there was a puffer fish that was so darn cute! It kept following our cotton candy and looked like a little dog. I swear the thing was smiling and wagging it's tail fin! Soooo cute!