Friday, August 26, 2011

What a Funny Girl I Have....

Just wanted to write this down before it's lost from my scattered brain.
This afternoon before Amber and Jade got home from school, I read Paisley a few books then turned on Bolt for her so I could go sew in the other room. A few minutes later, she comes into my room with another book for me to read. I told her I was sewing and to wait till I was done and I'd read it to her. Then, as she walked away, I heard her mutter, "Wissa do it. Wissa read book." Well, I'm Wissa. For some reason Paisley has yet to associate my name with me when David or anyone else calls me Lissa. She thinks "Lissa" is another person completely. And apparently this other "Lissa" reads books to her when Mommy won't. lol

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Love My Girls

This is just a quick little post. I really, really do love my little girlies! Don't know what I'd do without them. And the more I think about it, the more excited I'm getting about adding another one to our sweet (though occasionally quite emotional) family.
I can always count on Jade to willingly entertain Paisley for me. Such a great big sister!

Oh, there's nothing better than a babydoll in her eyes!

My biggest girl getting her homework done - on a Saturday afternoon even!

You have three awesome sisters looking forward to you coming, Shyla!

How David Saved the Day

So I started sewing for Shyla. You'd think after 3 girls - and sharing clothes with  my sis-in-law who also has 3 girls - there'd be plenty of clothes to go around. Well, there isn't. This is because of the 6 1/2 girls between us, Amber is the only other winter baby. And since we were dirt poor when Amber was born and it was nearly 10 years ago, there's not many of her baby things that were worth saving year after year after year. So all the "new" cute baby clothes are for warm weather. And this is why Shyla has pretty much nada to wear and why I'm sewing for her already. The first thing I made is baby bunting. It's like a miniature baby sleeping bag with a hood. Because I refuse to turn the heater on during the winter so our house can be pretty dang cold. I'm talking 54 in the mornings. Brrrr! (and yes, I know all you from up north are laughing at me....but 54 in the house is COLD to us here in Az!) The great thing about the bunting is I didn't buy any new fabric for it. I used light blue fleece leftover from pj bottoms I made last year and leftover cotton from some dress or top I made one of the girls at some point. And the binding I had in my supply box from last year's Halloween costume fiasco. The problem was this: I didn't start sewing till late afternoon, took a break to make dinner, play with the girls and get them to bed, then didn't continue till like 8pm.....after my brain was 1/2 gone. I didn't have any problems till the very end. And then my brain really shut off for good and I could NOT make any sense of the directions at all! Let me tell ya - this never happens to me! Ever!! So I put it down for the night and decided to sleep on it and maybe I'd get some inspiration on how to finish the darn thing while I slept. As I talked to David about it, he decided he wanted to take a look at the instructions. After a lot of resistance on my part, I finally gave him the instructions and the bunting. And after much arguing and explaining why certain things wouldn't work, and a lot of debate on how to make it work, he helped me see the light and I was able to finish with no more problems. Thanks for talking me through it, Dave! =)

I got to #16 and that's when I complete lost it. lol

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Math Problem

If Shyla weighs about a pound.....
Why have I already gained 10?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What We Did Today

Today went pretty smoothly. The easiest morning so far this week. Hopefully the girls can get into a good routine getting ready for school and keep it nice and easy like this morning. We'll see....
Amber wore her new glasses to school for the first time today. She was so excited! And once she was dressed and her hair was curled, she couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror.

Paisley's new dress. She loves it. It has elephants and tigers on it. =)

Jade taught Paisey how to slide today. So fun!

LOVE Jade's face!

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School!

Amber and Jade are back in school! They were both a little nervous last night, so David gave them blessings to help them be calm and do well this school year. By this morning, they were both ready to go. Here's my cuties:

David's 28th Birthday?

My poor Grandma Robertson doesn't always have the best memory.....but she has never ever forgotten to send any of us a card on our birthdays! David thought it was pretty funny when he opened his card this year and read, "Happy 28th Birthday!" Apparently he's even younger than I am now! lol
For David's birthday this year, he requested his favorite Mexican breakfast (eggs, beans, potatoes, tortillas, and salsa) and chow mein for dinner with chocolate chip/walnut cookies for dessert. Growing up eating chow mein on New Year's Eve and at family reunions, I'm pretty sure I've never eaten it without rolls and some kind of jello. But when I suggested these sides to him, he flat-out refused. I ended up making some crab ragoons instead (and almost ruined them by putting them in the oven cause I didn't want to fry them....oops!). Oh, and instead of chow mein noodles, he wanted ramen noodles with the chow mein goodies. Easy enough. It actually turned out quite yummy and there were no leftovers at all. Zach & co. and Lila were able to come help us celebrate. Lila made her yummy chocolate chip/toffee cookies and I promised David his cookies another day.
I used my month's piano $$ (thanks, Pottles!) to buy David's presents so he couldn't spy on me by checking our account to see what I bought. Yeah, I'm pretty sneaky. haha I got him a gift certificate for an hour massage - an hour on the table - and a shirt from Kohl's. He had bought himself 2 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts the previous week so I didn't feel bad about only the 2 gifts from the girls and I. He made fun of me for the gift certificate, but I know he'll enjoy using it. He's ALWAYS trying to force one of us to give him a massage! And he's ALWAYS complaining about his back hurting.

Happy 33rd Birthday, David! All your girls (including me!) love you tons!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Are You Hoping for a Boy?

I get this question A LOT from everyone you knows I'm pregnant. I never really know how to answer it either. Cause I am truly happy to have each of my three girls and if I say, "yeah, really hope this one's a boy" it's like I'm saying my girls aren't good enough. Which totally isn't true. But on the other hand, I wouldn't mind at all having a boy thrown in the mix. I think it would be fun. However, I'm not quite sure a boy is in the stars for us. Had my ultrasound this morning. We're having GIRL #4! Good grief! What a lot of little girls! lol I chose her first name. She's going to be named Shyla. I'm graciously (lol) allowing David to choose her middle name. He chose Amber and Jade's first names, I chose Paisley's first name and Amber's middle name. Jade and Paisley have hand-me-down middle names so no one really chose them. So it's fair for me to choose Shyla's first name and David gets her middle name. Now that I posted her name on my blog....I DON'T want to hear ANYONE naming their little girls Shyla until AFTER mine is born! I'm serious! Nobody be stealing my name! We will be welcoming little Shyla to our family sometime between Christmas and New Year's - the suckiest time to be born. Poor kid's gonna have birthday issues. Ah, well. Nothin to be done about it. At least I get another winter baby to snuggle and keep warm! Sooo much easier to snuggle a baby in the winter than in the 110 degree summer. And since fleece and flannel are both on sale at Joann's, I'll be stocking up to make her warm pj's, hats, and a jacket or two. =)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

To See, Or Not To See....

This has been the question for most of the year as far as Amber's been concerned. lol She's been complaining about not seeing the board at school very well, but since we had no insurance for her or Jade since last summer, there was nothing I could do about it.....until now. Amber and Jade FINALLY got put back on our insurance so I've been taking care of their check-ups before school starts. Last month was the dentist, and this morning was the optometrist. Jade came along for the ride just to be sure her eyes hadn't changed. Turns out Amber's left eye is slightly lazy and making her right eye do all the work. So she took a trip over to the kids' glasses and picked out a cute pair that fit her face well. Jaders eyes are perfect - much to her dismay. She really wanted glasses, too. Oh, well. We were at the office for just under 2 hours which equals pure torture for Paisley (and me, too!). Thankfully, we made it out of there without breaking a single pair of frames and no super huge meltdowns, picked up McD's on the way home, and now my lovely 2yr old is sound asleep. What a morning!
When Amber was brought into this room and saw the big eye instrument by the chair, she got extremely nervous and forced me to stay in there with her. Silly girl! =)

Jade, of course, was all smiles and giggles.

Amber's glasses she chose. We will pick them up next week. She only really needs them for classroom work and reading, so she'll wear them in her class and take them off for recess. Hopefully this will help keep them in one piece till next year...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


*sniff* *sniff*
Goodbye hair....I'll miss you. Hope some child really, really appreciates my 22 inches of reddish hair.....

My braid sitting on a 10x14 envelope

Don't ask what possessed me... I'm still not sure. At least my hair grows super fast.

August Randoms

This month has been going by fairly quickly - which I appreciate as it's still waaaay to hot outside. And since we haven't been doing anything new at all, I don't have many pictures to share. But I do have a couple:

Amber and Jade like to tear apart puzzle sections so they can "practice" putting hard puzzles together.

I pulled tooth #4 out of Jade's mouth the other day. It had been loose for the entire summer. I think I was more than fair about giving her a chance to get it out

Paisley's cereal of choice? Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Last Week of Summer Preview:

So this week is gonna be somewhat full of activity.
Today: well, there's not much going on today. Just grocery shopping. We'll probably swim, too.
Tuesday: Amber has an activity day swim party in the evening and we have to go to Phoenix to pick up David's papers for him in the afternoon.
Wednesday: far I don't think anything's happening this day, either.
Thursday: Meet the teacher night
Saturday: nada
Sunday: David's birthday

I need something to occupy my children Wednesday and Saturday. Anyone wanna come play?

Last Post on Pie's Bday

So I meant to post this last week right after it happened, but I ran out of free storage for my pics and had to purchase some more. (Now I know what you were talking about, Diane!) $5.00 later, and I can put my pics on here again. Yay....
On Paisley's actual birthday, we went to see Smurf's. I wanted to take her to see Winnie the Pooh, but we were able to go see it Saturday instead cause David wasn't sure he would be able to be home on Monday. Well, he was, so we saw Smurf's. It was cute. And weirdly funny. It reminded me how strange the smurf set-up is. One "papa", 99 sons, and 1 daughter?? And they're all siblings but papa? But I clearly remember a baby how did that happen??? (David just told me Gargomel created Smurfette to trap the smurfs. So she's not related to anyone....) Anyways, the kids liked it and Pie was a minimal pain. Afterwards, we went to Johnny Rockets for dinner. And she was a much, much bigger pain. lol The kids went C-R-A-Z-Y!!! But she stayed on the booth with us so I can't really complain too much. They sang to her, gave her a special balloon, and a bowl of ice cream - which she didn't touch. She's weird that way. Then we went to the pet store (Paisley's favorite) and looked at all the cute puppies. Here's some pics - I'm posting them mainly cause I paid for it so I'm using it dang it! lol

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Paisley!

Today my sweet baby turns 2! Paisley is such a funny little thing. I don't know how we got along without her fo so long. She really is such a joy in our home. Always quick to laugh and play games, she loves to snuggle and play "chase", wash her hands and brush her teeth (with anyone's toothbrush!), and she's always ready for a good book. She the best little mommy to her many baby dolls. They are all very well cared for and loved. I like watching her wrap them in a blanket, rock them, sing to them, and give them kisses. Paisley says the funniest things, too. It's still a little hard to understand everything she says, but she never stops trying to tell you something important. I think it's hilarious when I take a bite of food and she sticks her face right in mine and asks, "Zit num? Yes? More bite? Yes?" and then proceeds to jam another bite into my mouth. Or when she tells me her baby needs to go poo/take a bath/ go to sleep. I love tickling her till she yells "Stop!" and I tell her, "You stop" and she giggles and says, "No, you stop!" Love, love, love this funny little girl. She gives the best tight squeezy hugs and tells me, "Mommy, I neeeeed you!" when she wants to be held. And she says, "Love you, too" after I tell her I love her. Thank you, Paisley, for deciding to join our family! We sure needed you in our lives!

Paisley's 2yr stats:
Height - 34 1/2 in (75%)
Weight - 22 lbs (2%)