Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amber Has Mad Wii Skills....

Maybe she plays too much. I'm not sure. But for some reason, none of us can beat that girl in Wii Bowling! David played her on Monday and Amber got all strikes except for 2 spares. Crazy! Way impressive! She's also pretty decent at Guitar Heros. I mean...for a 6 year old. She can pass a song on Easy without being boo'd off. Go Amber! =)

Saturday, June 21, 2008


My girls are pretty lucky I think. I give them $1 every day they get all their jobs done Mon-Fri. So they can earn up to $5/week. This is exactly 5x what I used to make as a kid, and it builds up a whole lot quicker. Tonight the girls took their money with them to the store and picked out new toys. Jade of course bought a new princess dress and Amber bought a Hannah Montana wig and a couple horses. My kids are so predictable! =)

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks a lot Cute Little Fawn!
How to play this game. Post these rules on your blog; List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.
1)My little girls' kisses and snuggles. I especially love "nose kisses".
2)WEEKENDS!!!!! Enough said.
3)My sweetiepie that puts up with all my really weird quirks (I'm talking bizarre!) and still loves me.
1)Not having enough time. Not enough time to finish raising my girls. Not enough time to build any kind of food storage. Not enough time to pay off my debt. Not enough time to go back to school. I need more time.
2)Cockroaches and spiders. I'm such a girl!
3)My kids growing up and hating me.
1)Build up my food storage! I've been really thinking about it for years, but we've never been in a place to really get it done.
2)Be a better, more understanding wife and mother.
1)I'm obsessed with rearranging and redecorating my house. One room at least every month or so. And it's so pointless now with us moving in a few weeks, but I've actually rearranged the furniture in the living room. I think I have a problem....
2)Ok, I have a couple friends who sell Stampin' Up products. I used to go to all their parties and spend all my extra money on stamps, ink, paper, you name it. I have like 2-3 tubs full of it, but I haven't scrapbooked or anything since Jade was born. Yeah, I'm retarded.
3)I couldn't think of anything so I just asked David and he says I'm obsessed with getting my own way and having things done my way. Hahahaha! Apparently I even have my kids brainwashed. Cause whenever David does something different, both girls immediately pipe up with "But Mommy says......" and "Mommy does....." Oh well! =)
1)I remember the most useless facts forever, but have a hard time holding onto anything practical.
2)I've been doing dishes since I was 4.
3)I've always wanted to be an architect, chef, photographer, or concert pianist/violinist. But probably never will be. I'd still really like to take classes, though!

Now the fun part...tagging! Roma, Sara, Angie, Jasmine, Jacie

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Fun

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! YEA!!!!!! I absolutely adore Friday. Because I get to look forward to two whole days off! And today was actually a pretty good day. The kids didn't fight (too much!), nothing was broken or spilt, and nobody pooped their pants. The day was a success in my book! I took more pictures of my girls playing outside today. I can't help it. They're so beautiful! =)
These girls love each other so much!
Amber always takes pictures from the weirdest angles...
This is Jade's sad face. I'm not sure why she's sad though.
It actually took about 10 pictures to get a normal looking one of Amber. She's so silly!
Jade loves to paint! She's happy here! =)

Oh, yeah...Amber lost her second tooth today! It was harder coming out cause the front part of the root was still pretty long. I was glad it didn't rip her gum coming out!

I think kids look so funny with missing teeth!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Day At The Park

We've been going to the park almost every morning since Amber doesn't have school anymore. It's a nice way to spend the morning and makes the day go by much faster. And since the kids get worn out before lunchtime, they almost always fall asleep right away. So nice! For once I brought my camera along and snapped some pics of my kiddos having lots of fun. They had a lot of fun running around yelling for their pictures to be taken. Amber, Jade, and friends waiting out the rain at the park.

Amber making moose antlers and Jade in her SuperGirl shirt

We sure love playing at the park! The rest of today passed without incident. Except that I kept thinking it was Friday. And every time I started to celebrate inside my head, I'd suddenly remember it's only Thursday. But tomorrow for sure is Friday! David has a late volleyball game tonight. It doesn't start until 8:30 so the girls and I are gonna have to miss it. Maybe next time... or maybe not. I got 3 loads of laundry done and some more stuff packed away. I'm so proud! Hahaha! Now if I can only figure out how to finish paying off a stupid loan and save up for closing costs.......

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sssssoooooo Ttttiiirrreeeddddddd.............

I feel like I'm stuck in a bog and can hardly force my body to function. I want to go back to bed till Friday. 10 hours till bedtime...........

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have my pictures as my screen saver and I was looking at them and was drawn back in time to when my girls were just little babies. A lot has changed since then... but their personalities are still mostly the same. Amber's always wanted to be the star and Jade has always been pretty mild. It's really amazing how much personality we're born with.
My two sweet babies sure do grow quickly! Everytime I turn around they're taller, smarter, prettier, and still as sweet as can be. I couldn't ask for better kids!

A Great Day

Yesterday was a really great day! We had to jump a few hurdles in the take-off, but once we cleared them...smooth sailing! The girls had a Primary Activity Day yesterday morning. They went on missions! Jade went to Mexico and Amber went to Japan. They both learned how to sew buttons onto a piece of cloth and all about what missionaries do all day. Jade learned how to say "Buenos Diaz!" and Amber practiced using chopsticks. She said there was sushi, but she told the teacher she doesn't eat that. What a wimp! They even got hot dogs, chips, and brownies for lunch! While they were there, I ran my normal errands. We had to rush a rescue David right after the activity because his Harley ran out of gas and he was stranded on the freeway. That was a pain! Almost started WW3! Hahahaha! When we all got home, David and I hadn't eaten yet, so we decided to take the girls to Chuck-E-Cheese's! The girls had a lot of fun and Jade won a ton of tickets from the lottery thingy. She pushed the button at just exactly the right time! Wow! I was impressed!

We also had the opportunity to watch an advanced screening of "Get Smart" for free! It was showing at the Pearl Harbor theater to the first 450 people there. We waited from just after 3 until 5 when they started issuing tickets. We ended up being 3rd in line and got great seats! There's a grassy field in front of the theater that was very pleasant to wait in. The girls had fun trying to fly their gliders they got at Chuck-E's, David had fun watching a movie on his laptop, and I just relaxed on the grass. The movie was totally worth the wait! It was sooo funny! I highly recomend watching it when it comes out. The girls, of course, fell asleep midway through it. I don't really blame them, they had way too much fun for a day without naps!

Today is Father's Day and Amber and David are still sleeping (it's 8:30am!). We are cleaning out the backyard today. Gotta pull up the posts from Milo's yard, scrub the walls and get as many muddy pawprints off as we can, mow the grass, scoop the poop, and set out the sprinkler. Then I have to clean out the playroom so I can have two jobs done and out of the way to move out. And the missionaries are eating with us again. Cinnamon Rolls!!! Yea! Happy Father's Day! =)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sweet Little Jade

Since I devoted my last blog to Amber, I'm now turning my attention to Jade. Jade has got to be the sweetest little thing in the world! She's always ready to snuggle, give hugs and kisses, or just sing and dance for you. If there's a song playing, she's trying to sing it and chances are she's dancing along, too. I asked her what lessons she wants to take in Arizona, and she said, "Ballet, Mommy!" She's such an easy child to get along with. She does her jobs each day with a smile and skip. She's so bouncy and cheerful in the morning and it doesn't take much to make her happy. I noticed yesterday at the park that she figured out how to swing herself. She got her body and legs pumping the right way and kept herself up pretty high! We sure love this little one!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And Exciting Event

Earlier today, I sent Amber to her room for quiet time while the daycare kids were taking naps. I snuck in there and took a couple snaps of her concentrating on her artwork. Amber is such a talented artist. She'll draw, color, and paint for hours and hours. And her specialty is of course... horses! She draws them in many different poses: running, eating, wind blowing, getting bathed, jumping, riding, etc. I especially love the ones with the wind blowing her horse's tail around.
On to the exciting event....Amber lost her first tooth today!!! She was so ecstatic about it! I checked its progress after naptime, told her to eat a apple for snack, and she told me it was ready to come out cause it started to bleed. So I told her to get it out by dinner time or I would start yanking on it, and about 10 minutes later, she came dancing out of her room with her cute little grin! Yea, Amber! Of course, she ended up losing the tooth down the drain...but she wrote a very nice note for the toothfairy explaining what happened. Luckily, she has another loose tooth, so hopefully it won't be long till she gets another chance. =)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


David pointed out to me yesterday that I complained about losing my weekend. I have to update this...actually retract it all together. See, I thought one of my daycare kids was going to be here today, but he's not coming. I do have an extra kid, but she's part of the family and I volunteered to keep her. I've been watching her off and on since she was 6 weeks old and she turns 2 next month. The kid is hilarious and we all love her! We're definately going to miss her and her mom when we move! I still didn't get to sleep in, but that's mostly cause Jade took over my 1/4 of the bed. Oh well! Maybe next week.....
Last week David bought himself a new toy. Yea toys! It's wireless and we have a wireless network card thingy incase we can't "borrow" anyone's internet. That way, we can use it anywhere at anytime. So far, he's used it here at home, at work, in a delivery truck, and at the pool. Yeah, he's a bit obsessed...but it's so fun! I haven't personally tested it out, but he assures me that it is. =)

Amber learned how to braid! And she braids pretty well...for a 6yr old! She was so proud to show me Jackson's tail. Amber put the rubber band in and everything all by herself. I think she braids better than Daddy! She wanted me to send a picture to Grandma right away. So hopefully, Mom, you check my blog every now and then and you can see how big your oldest grandaughter is getting.

The girls got these little carry-ons for the move. Jade's is Disney Princess and Amber's is Tinkerbell. They both came with a sleepingbag, pillow, and nightlight. Jade dragged hers around the house for 2 days straight before I finally took it away and put it in a closet. She kept going to "school" and wanted to know why she couldn't drag it to the park or around the front yard. I'm kinda wondering when the urge to try and keep things new and nice looking will start to kick in....
Poor little girl threw up tonight. We ran all our errands this morning, had lunch, went to a birthday party at the pool, went to see Kung Fu Panda (sooo funny!), ate at the mall, and as I was putting her to bed, little Jade threw up in my hand. At least I got her to the toilet in time. I just hope it's a temporary thing cause she doesn't have any extra weight to spare! Guess I'll be pushing fluids tomorrow. And we get to sleep in!!!!!! I just found out it's Stake Conference tomorrow! Bonus day!! Yea!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

5 1/2 Weeks Left

I woke up this morning and groaned. It's not Friday yet!!! Seriously! How long can a week possibly last?? Grrrrr! At least I only have 5 more and then.....some of my dreams come true! I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to be free from other people's kids! Don't get me wrong, I have no problem babysitting every now and then. Especially if the favor is returned. But I am soooo done doing it for a living! At least at my home. I wouldn't have a problem doing it at a center or something. As long as Jade was in my room and I got off in time to pick Amber up from school. But from my home? Never ever ever again! Never! I'm so tired of not being free to leave the house 5 days of the week. Of not being able to take my girls to the pool on hot afternoons. The tedium of all the rules; toys I have to have, activities I have to do, meals I have to serve, even the way I serve them. I can't even let Amber run over to the neighbor's house to play without walking all the kids over, having the neighbor sign Amber out, walk everyone back home...blah, blah, blah. It's rediculous! She's my own kid! If something happened, I'm not gonna sue myself! So needless to say, I'M DONE!!! In 5 weeks. That gives us 4 days to pack and clean our place before turning over our keys and flying out. I can make it.
I've been losing my weekends lately. The past 2 weeks I've had an extra kid along and this weekend will be no different. *sigh* Someday I'll be able to sleep in past 6:30. 5 1/2 weeks...5 1/2 weeks....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hi-Tech Girlies

To try and save my ipod from certain death, I invested in a couple Disney Mix Max Players for my girls. So they can now listen to their own kid-friendly music, watch a couple Disney movies, or look at pictures on their own MP3 players. My kids are so spoiled! Amber is into Hannah Montana like nobody's business. That and horses is all I ever hear about! "Mom, did you know there's horses in Montana?" So she has a Hannah Montana audio clip in her player. Jade has a mixed Disney movie songs clip in hers, and she loves to sing along with her favorites! They're so funny! I catch Amber trying to sing along but there's a lot of filler "words" cause she doesn't know the songs yet. So cute! They get limited access to them now; I'm trying to keep them "new" for the move. Give them something to do on the flight and also while we house hunt. We've done some practice house hunting here, and it seems that they're more agreeable when they have snacks, drinks, and tunes along for the ride. Anything to get us through - right?

On a side note...isn't Amber's hair getting long??? I keep meaning to get it cut, but I'll probably wait till right before school starts in the fall. New house, new school, new friends, new haircut. Makes sense. Besides, everytime I even mention taking her to get it trimmed, she freaks out and begs not to go. *sigh* Sorry Amber, but eventually it's gonna get cut.

"Hang Loose!"

Monday, June 2, 2008

Saying Goodbye Is So Hard

Today was a very difficult day for us. We finally had to give up Milo-Boy. His new family came to pick him up this evening and it about broke our hearts. Poor Amber is so distraught. She was completely unconsolable for over an hour and is just now able to speak normally. I feel so bad for her! I remember what it's like to lose a pet you love, and it's soooo hard! We took some pictures of his last bath, treats, and hugs. Hopefully someday soon these memories will be cause of joy and not so much pain. We love you, Milo-Boy!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cheers to a Great Weekend!

Here's to you, Mom, for all the times you fixed my hair for church and school. It really does get to be a pain to fix two heads of hair every single day! Sometimes fun, mostly mundane. Today I had fun crimping Jade's hair. I'm glad crimps are in style (sorta) again. Jade's hair gets pretty big...just like mine used to do!

Here's some more pictures that Amber took. She's so funny!