Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corn Maze Fun

There's a farm not too far from our house so we decided to check it out. Being so close to Halloween, we let the girls wear their costumes. They got a lot of compliments! =)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are You Sick of Them Yet??

Cause I'm getting a little bit tired of sewing the same costume over and over and over again. My poor Bo Peep/Little Red pattern has definately seen better days. But besides these two staples in my costume orders, I also have some fun ones. This past week I've completed an indian, pirate, Tinkerbell, a Musketeer (it was sent to Canada!) Wicked Witch, Dorothy, Paisley's clown, and Amber and Jade's fairy costumes. Next up - 3 Glinda's (one family has 3 girls and they are the witch, Dorothy, and one of the Glinda's), 2 more Bo's, Ariel's pink dress, and a lady in Hawaii ordered a ball gown - I'm assuming it's for a military function.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last Swim Day

It's bittersweet to say goodbye to summer. I really wish we could have enjoyed having a pool more this year, but the week after Pie's b-day party, the storms blew a super horrible chlorine-resistant mustard algae into the water. Apparently, it's common enough here in Az, but not common enough to be tested for at pool shops. So, after weeks of frustration, over $200 worth of chemicals wasted, countless hours of sweeping/vacuuming/backwashing, I FINALLY got our landlord to do something about it. Kenny the pool guy came and fixed the pool. It took him 2 weeks to get it to even start clearing up! And he's a professional! After the first week (he super-cholorinated it twice that week) of nothing happening, he was quite concerned. But after super-chlorinating it twice more the next week, the green finally gave a bit and started clearing up. Thank goodness! It took another week for the water to be clear enough to get my okay to swim again. So we all hopped in last Saturday evening. And while we were in, the weather changed! It must have dropped 10-15 degrees in the hour we were in the water and it hasn't warmed back up since. At least we got one last swim in.....
Thankfully, Pie still enjoyed swimming

Jade still remembered how to swim underwater

I still looked cute in a swimsuit =)

Paisley still jumped off the steps to get to Daddy

And Amber's still a nut. Haha


When you're born and raised in Arizona, little things like hail should seriously be celebrated. Since all 5 of us were, in fact, born and raised here (minus the 3 years we spent in Hawaii - another state with little to no hail....), today's hailstorm was an exciting event. It started this morning while Amber and Jade were at school. It was raining, the lightning took out the satellite, thus interupting David's Cold Case show, and then we noticed the rain was rather loud. After a little investigating, David came back inside and reported pellet-sized hail. Cool! When Amber and Jade got home, they told me how awesome the hail was and how their teacher's let them hang out under the porch just outside their classrooms to see it. Then, while getting dinner ready, all 3 girls were playing in the rain when I heard them all start screaming! It was mostly, "GET THE BABY! GRAB PAISLEY! RUUUUN!!!" Yeah, the hail started again. And instead of being little pellets, they were big ol' chunks of ice! When it finally stopped, all 3 girls went back outside to check out the ice balls piled in the yard. They thought it was pretty cool. Paisley kept eating them and after much reassurance that she wouldn't die from eating hail, Amber and Jade finally stopped yelling at her and trying to shove her into the house. What a fun day!
Amber with a handful of 1/2 melted hail

Pie checking out the ice

Jade getting in the action

Sweet Paisley stomping/eating ice chunks

BIG hail!