Monday, March 30, 2009

One Crappy Night

Sooooo.....we never ever ever get sick. My kids and I have like super-powered genes that automatically make us immune to EVERYTHING! Except whatever Tai's kids had this last week. It hit us Hard last night. All 4 of us. Let me tell you how the night went. But I'm warning those of you with weak stomachs and the TMI police. Ready?

6:30pm - Jade throws up a bit in a parking lot
6:45pm - Amber throws up a Ton into a empty large Carl's Jr cup in the car (she almost filled it)
7:00pm - Jade throws up into a kid sized Carl's Jr cup in the garage and fills it
7:45pm - I have major diarrhea
8:15pm - Jade pukes all over her bed
8:40pm - Amber poops her panties and pukes all over her floor
9:00pm - I puke into the toilet
9:30pm - Amber has major diarrhea but in the toilet
11:oopm - David has diarrhea
12:00am - David's puking in the bathroom and Amber's puking in the other bathroom
1:00am - I'm puking in the bathroom. BTW, do you know what happens when a pregnant woman with diarrhea is puking her guts out? It also comes out the other end. Yeah. I crapped my pants. Nice.
1:15am - David's pooping in the other bathroom, Jade starts puking in the hallway. I steer her into the bathroom and have her finish puking in the tub.
2:00am - This time I have a good idea. I sit on the toilet while I puke into the shower. It was a really good idea.
5:ooam - David's doing the same thing
6:00am - Amber poops her panties again on her way to the bathroom
7:30am - David's back on the toilet and puking in the shower

Does all this sound like fun??? Yes? Okay...come on over and play with my kids! The girls and I are starting to feel a bit better. I gave them dry cheerios and water. I figure if they can keep it down and in, I'll let them have some applesauce at lunchtime. Amber's obviously staying home, I called in to work, but poor David still has to show up to work tonight. That means I gotta drag my butt over to Walmart and get him some Pepto-Bismal or something to help his stomach settle. I sure love shopping when I literally feel like crap! Have a great Monday! =)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yesterday Was A Good Day

Even though I brought my camera with me, I failed to take it out of my purse all day. Oh well. I think you'll probably live! My day started around 7:30 when my body told me it was time to get up. So up I got. Amber made everyone waffles for breakfast. Then everyone got dressed, Amber and David cleaned up the backyard (aka scooped poo) while I fixed Jade's hair and loaded the car. Then I fixed Amber's hair while David cleaned up and we all left around 10. My Mom sent me a Kohl's giftacrd, so that was our first stop and I scored a really cute maternity top. Next stop was Carl's Jr for lunch and then on to Tai's house. We hung out there for awhile. I gave Tai some hand-me-downs from Jade and she gave me a giant tub full of baby clothes. Hooray! Thanks, Tai! =) We then went to my Dad's to wish him a happy birthday. While there, Jami (my stepmom), Shelley and I went to Superstition Springs Mall to find me a formal maternity dress for David's Leadership Training graduation on Thursday. We went to The Motherhood and Jami was sweet enough to not only buy the dress, but several outfits as well. She bought me capris, shorts, a skirt, 4 tops, and the dress. Soooo nice! Thanks Jami! =) After that, we went to David's family get together at Freestone Park. It was nice to see everyone there. Some we havn'et seen for a long time. Amber and Jade has fun playing with cousins and David and I had fun visiting with family. We didn't end up getting hom till after 9pm. The girls slept in their clothes. They were done for the day. And it all starts again next weekend. We have a big Cresap family March/April birthday party on Saturday and my family is getting pictures taken and visiting with my brother Chris who will be in town. Yea!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paisley's Room

So I know that I'm waaaay ahead of the game since I'm not due till August, but I really just like to get things done right away so I don't have to stress about it at the last moment. I picked out Paisley's bedding and crib the other day. I found them both at and they are a really good price. The crib is convertible and I have a dresser, mirror, and the turny-shelf from Jade's old room (it held dress-ups) that I'm going to paint black to match. David says I can't repaint, so the walls stay pink. I'm using the black & white bedding to balance it out so it's not overwhelmingly pink in the room. I think it'll look really sharp once I get it put together.
The crib. It has a drawer underneath to store extra blankets or whatever.
And the bedding. I think it'll go well with my French theme. Don't you? =)
I should be able to buy both with my mid-April paycheck. I would do it with my next one, but it'll be short since I'm not working this week and don't get paid vacations. Besides, with this next paycheck, we're getting a bench and arbor for the backyard as well as screen doors for our sliding doors. At least one for the door in the family room we use constantly. But I wouldn't mind having one for the door in my room as well. Especially when it starts cooling down in the fall again. I love the fresh air!


The Girl's New Room! I finally got Amber and Jade's rooms combined 100%. I put the bunkbed together myself yesterday. I did have to get a neighbor to help me put the top bed up on the bottom bed (for obvious reasons!) and the mattress up there, too. But other than that, it was allllll me! Woohoo! It took 2 days of sorting and cleaning to get Jade's toys into Amber's room and I ended up throwing 3 big garbage bags full of old junky toys away, but everything important to my girls is in the room. Amber and Jade love their new bed and are excited to share a room again. Paisley's room is now cleared out and ready for some decorating magic!
This is me building the top bunk. See the bottom one already done??? =)
Here is the completed bunkbed. Doesn't it look good? It's solid wood. Every single piece.

This is the study area...obviously.

The dressing area

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Days

The weather has been just beautiful lately. It's Amber's Spring Break so I took the week off from work to be with the girls. They really really wanted a picnic yesterday so I made them some sandwiches, sliced an apple, made a pitcher of lemonade, and let them choose a bag of chips. Amber spread out a towel on the grass and they both had a great time eating outside in the gorgeous sunshine.

Today we went to Walmart for a couple things and bought Paisley her very first baby items. Yea! The pink shoes are corduroy and the bunny slippers are soooo soft. Her bedroom is going to have a French theme so the very pink poodle was perfect. I've warned David that even though it'll be like Paisley's an only child (school starts right when she's due and both girls wil be gone all day), we are NOT spoiling her! I think I might have laid on a few death threats. I'm not sure. I don't think it'll work, though. We'll see. =)

Jade's Birthday Party

For Jade's birthday, we went and saw Race to Witch Mountain (it was really good!).

Then we went to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner. My dad met us there and we had a really fun time. David and Jade played Deal or No Deal and Jade won 200 tickets! She was pretty jazzed about that! We all played each other in air hockey and I'm proud to say I beat my dear old dad. Hooray! Hahahaha! =)

After dinner and the tokens were gone, we went back home for cake, ice cream, and presents. The neighbors came over and luckily there was enough cake for everyone!

Monday, March 16, 2009


It's official, folks. I had my 18wk ultrasound this morning, and (drum roll, please...) IT'S A GIRL!!! Hahahahaha! Apparently that's the only kind we make here. Amber was sobbing cause she wanted a baby brother, but Jade is ok with having a baby sister. So little Paisley Joanne will make her appearance in August. She was extremely squirmy. I'm talking extremely. Great. And she's gonna be tall, too. As the technician was measuring her various parts, the computer would show how many weeks along she should be. They all pretty much said the same...18wks 2days, 18wks 4days, but then he measured her femur and it read 19wks 3days. What??? So I'll have another freakishly tall girly running around the house soon. It's all good. =)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jade!

It's my baby's 5th birthday today. I can't believe my little one is going into Kindergarten this fall. Jade has always been a sweet little thing. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. She's extremely easy-going and has a very nurturing personality. She'll be a great mother someday. And until then, she'll make an awesome big sister. Jade has always done things on her own! She was holding up her head the day we came home from the hospital, doing pushups at 2 weeks, on her hands and knees rocking at 2 months, and crawling like a pro by 3 months. She didn't stay down 5 months she figured out how to scoot on her knees to keep her hands off the floor. And then at 6 months she was furniture cruising and running at 9 months. Crazy kid! I love my little sweetie-pie!

March 2004




Again, no pics from 2005. Sorry! And for some reason, I can't find Jade's hospital pictures anywhere. =( I have no idea where they went. I'll have to dig in my printed pictures and see if there's any in the box. We sure love our little Jaders!
PS - Check out her totally unique grey eyes! I love them! =)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pregnant Belly's not the best picture in the world...but it's the only one I've got. Here I am at just about 18 weeks. Those are regular non-prego jeans. But they are getting tight. I have some maternity capris I wear, and I'm going shopping sometime next week for some cute clothes. And I get to find out what I'm having on MONDAY!!!! Maybe I should just make everyone guess.....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Amber's School Pictures

Well, I'm a bad mom sometimes and totally spaced it on Spring picture day. So Amber just got her hair quickly brushed, and she's just wearing some random clothes she threw on (literally cause she was late getting up that morning!). And I'm also a pretty cheap mom. And since I have a scanner and the school sends home the spring pictures for preview, I just scanned the 8x10 print and here ya go! Even with all the issues we faced that morning, she's still so beautiful. I love my Amber-Girl!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Outdoor Fun

I LOVE my yard! It is soooo wonderful! The grass is gorgeous, the girls have so much fun playing outside with Katie (the dog), and we have big plans for it. David and I finally put up the dogrun fence yesterday. We also planted 4 strawberry plants, and replanted my rosebush my mom sent me. We had to replant it cause Katie decided to rip it out of the ground and chew on it. So I hope it survives, but I just don't know. So Saturday night, we went to Home Depot to find a fence for the dogrun. We didn't know what we'd find, but we found the perfect sized chainlink fence with a gate already put together! So we bought that along with the 2 poles for the sides, a bag of cement, and the clamps to connect the fence with the poles. $160 later, we have a wonderful dogrun that keeps Katie contained so she can't chew up anymore wanted plants! Hooray! Next month we're getting the bench, arch, and vines for the back part of the yard.