Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Room Finished

Well, we finally painted the girl's bathroom. So that's another room crossed off our list. The living room just needs the coffee table and end table back in there (we had to take them in to a glass cutting place to replace the glass tops that were shattered) and then it too will be done. The dining room needs a bigger table. I want one with a leaf or two so it can be expanded to fit all our guests. So if you have one or you know of someone with one they're getting rid of...let me know! The family room needs some sort of narrow dresser to hold blankets and also some large pictures for over the couch. And the master bedroom needs the sitting room to be painted. And then we're done! David and I cleaned out the garage on Saturday, so now my car gets parked in there along with Dave's Harley and the girls' bikes. Finally got the opener to work. Yea! My father-in-law brought my kitties home to us today. We're very glad to get them back. So now we have 1 black great dane (who's a real big baby!), 1 black female cat (LICORICE!!!!), and 1 black, very furry, male cat (Crook). I have no clue why all our animals are black. Our dog in Hawaii was black, too. And my goat was as well. Who knows? Anyways, Lobo is surprisingly fine with the cats. He was sniffing Crook and ran away after being swatted and hissed at. We'll all have to make some adjustments. Oh well! I think they'll all get used to each other. So here's the pictures of the girl's bathroom. Jade reminded me that she needs a stool. I'm trying to find a pink wood one.....

Jade really really Had to take a picture of me. Yes, I'm sweaty. That's what happens when you work in a hot garage all afternoon then paint all evening!
David painted the girl's bathroom All By Himself!!! Yea! He totally deserves pumpkin pie! =)

TaDa!!! The finished product. The green really isn't that bright. It just looks that way because of my flash I think. But it's really not lime neon green! I'm not that crazy!

I LOVE the frog caddy. Best thing for a kid bathroom! Seriously!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Gave In....

I finally called the manufacturer for my garage door opener. They talked me through several solutions....all of which I'd already tried by the way. Figured out it's probably the logic board. So they're sending me a new one for free plus a free remote. I'll get them on Friday, so hopefully it'll solve my problems and my door will open and shut like it's supposed to!
On another note....someone took our garbage can!!! Who in the world wants a stinky, gross trash can??? Seriously! Stupid people!
I finally finished Amber's room. It looks really good. She thinks so, too. Here's a few pictures. =)

It's a bit messy...but you get the idea. I found the curtains in a box while unpacking. They came from my room as a teenager and were just the right shade of purple. Bonus! =)

My sweet little Jade loves to color. Love you, Baby!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Okay...I Need Some Help

It's not often that I throw my hands up in defeat. Unfortunately, this is one of those times. =( I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THE SAFETY SENSORS TO MY GARAGE DOOR TO LIGN UP!!!!! GRRRRR!!!!! David and I (David for the muscle, me for the instructions) installed a garage door opener yesterday, but for some reason, the dumb safety sensors at the bottom of the door won't talk to each other and now our door won't close! It's sooooo unbelievably irritating! I've double and triple checked the height of each one. I've moved the one around and around trying to find the other. I've rewired them more times than I can count. I even went and bought new ones thinking maybe it's just broken. Spliced the new one in. And still NOTHING!!!! I just want to rip my hair out! So I finally admitted defeat, called the 1-800 number, and the dumb company closed at 7pm CST. It was 6pm Az time. >=( I guess I'll call tomorrow morning. With my luck, they'll probably still want to charge the full price of install just to lign up the dumb sensors. I'm NOT paying $100+ for that!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So Proud

Not to toot my own horn...but I'm totally gonna! Hahahaha! I just connected a power cord to my disposal all by myself! You're probably thinking to yourself, "Ummm...big deal. All you do it plug it into the disposal and then into the wall - right?" No. You'd be way wrong! I had to loop the cord through a hole in the bottom, connect 4 wires together, screw in the ground cord, and shove all the wires back into the bottom and close up the hole. Yea for me! =) BTW, I had to do the same for my dryer last week. But that was way more simplified. Just screwed in a couple wires to the back. No wire splicing involved.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Day of School Amber's been going to school for a whole week now, but I actually have some time to post! The house is all cleaned up and looking good, so I'll update you on other things. Amber finally started 1st grade on the 5th. Her school actually began back in August, but since we were living out in Queen Creek and her school's here in Buckeye, it just wasn't going to happen till we got moved in. I love her school. It's awesome! It's brand new (only 2 years old!) and her teacher seems very nice. The school is just a 2min walk down the street. That's a total plus! We were walking a mile each way in Hawaii! Another plus is that our neighborhood really truly rocks this world! Every evening all the neighbors come out to the street with their kids and the grown-ups talk while the kids run from house to house to gather more kids up to play. It's so much fun! Totally reminds me of my childhood! Amber has her very first bestest friend who happens to be in her class at school and lives just 4 houses down! I'm so excited for her! Amber spent the night at the little girls house on Friday and had so much fun. I'm really glad that Amber found a friend. She has such a hard time relating to kids her age! So yay for Amber! =) Here's some pics from her first day:

Friday, September 12, 2008

House Pictures!!!!!

Here they are, folks! Enjoy!

Friday, September 5, 2008

For Real This Time...I Swear!

WE'RE IN!!!!!
After all the ups and downs, we are officially moved in. My dad was nice enough to bring over very nice kitchen appliances and thankfully stayed to help us paint. Thank you so much, Dad! Our house is really coming together nicely. We started working on it on Wednesday. With the help of my wonderful father, we got the kitchen, family room, and dining room all painted, both bathrooms scrubbed, appliances in, nail holes filled, and even had time to grocery shop! I spent Thursday painting Amber's room, started Jade's room (but I got really frustrated with it!), and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. David's sister was extremely nice to have our carpets professionally shampooed and now they look brand new again. Thank you, Lila! Today I finally finished Jade's room, started mine, and had new furniture delivered. How fun! We have dark chocolate brown leather studded sofa and loveseat in our living room, tan-ish with blue and green accents on the pillows sofa and loveseat in our family room, and really really nice, huge master bedroom set. Seriously, it's HUGE! The bed (it's king) is like 3.5ft tall! Holy cow! We're thinking we're going to use the boxsprings for Amber's beds and get some heavy plywood as a base so it's not so tall. The dresser has 11 drawers and a mirror, plus there's 2 nightstands and a 2-step for the side of the bed! Hahahaha! My girls have to use the stairs to get up. It's funny. We're getting our Hawaii stuff on Tuesday, cable the same day, and internet on Wednesday. So I'll be posting tons of pictures after Wednesday when I get my computer and internet hooked up. Yay! Everyone is welcome to come over whenever since I'm not working yet. Give me a call and come on over!