Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm Gonna Cry Now

I lost my camera!!! I can't find it anywhere. Did one of you take it on accident????

Friday, April 24, 2009

Out of Necessity....

I have to replan out Paisley's room. I'm so sad. Her perfect bedding was sold out before I bought it. Sooooo.....I've searched and searched for something similar but everything I like is always $200+ which is definately out of the question. I finally found something I like at yesterday on clearance. Totally different. Not even close to what I was wanting. But still very pretty and not babyish at all. I bought it this morning. And it's good I did, cause it's now sold out. Hahahaha! I got the bedding set for $13!!! That's it! $13. For the sheet, bumber, and blanket. No crib skirt, but who really cares anyways??? I can always just find something that matches later if it bugs me. Can't wait till it gets here! =) Here's a pic:Isn't it cute??? I love it. Especially for $13!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

All Creatures Of Our God and King

My most favorite song in the entire world. I could literally spend all day listening, playing, or singing this song. Love it. Sorry for the crappy recording.


Here's my pretty girls dressed up for Easter.

And my lilies are popping up! The little green leaves are zinnias. Can't wait till they bloom!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thunderbirds at Luke AFB

So I totally forgot to blog about the fun airshow we went to several weeks back. If you live in the valley, you probably heard the commercials on the radio about the big airshow on Luke AFB last month. Well, we ended up going and it was pretty fun. Only it was the weekend of the crazy wind and the girls weren't a big fan of that. Especially poor little Jade who had decided on wearing a dress and didn't appreciate the sand hitting her little legs all afternoon.
We bought milkshakes for a treat cause I figured the dumb wind would blow crap into ice cream cones. While we were in line, a nice guy gave David (who was in uniform) $20 to buy his family's ice cream. How nice is that? Of course the show itself almost got cancelled on account of the stupid wind....and after several minutes of standing around waiting to see if it would actually happen or not, it did.
Jade was more interested in burying her head into David's shoulder and Amber just wanted to play with the rocks on the ground.
But David and I had fun watching the planes.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Water Fun

I really really really can't get over how fun our backyard is! Sunday was a beautiful day outside so the girls got into their swimsuits and David had a blast spraying them with the hose. Even Katie got into it! She kept jumping right into the middle of the water and snapping at it. Or David would direct the water at the ground and Katie would attack it and chase it around the yard. It was seriously hilarious!

Cresap Birthday Party

Okay. I've procrastinated long enough probably. Back to blogging and then I really have to go clean my floors. They're grossing ME out!
On March 28th (I know...forever ago!), we had a big combined birthday party for all the Cresaps with March or April birthdays. There's a ton of us! Jade, Railynn, Tera, Don, and I are in March while Onya, Tai, and Dee are in April. Unfortunately, Tera, Don, and Dee couldn't make it, but the rest of us had a great time! We let the kids go swimming in Lila's freezing pool. They had soo much fun! And no one got pneumonia afterwards, either! Hooray! Hahahahaha! There was a TON of food (mostly thanks to Lila!) with a HUGE cake (again, thanks Lila!) and everyone had a pretty good time. David took crazy pictures of almost everyone in attendance. I'll only post a few of the craziest so you can get an idea of his unique photography skills. And even though it was this fun party and the fact we spent the night at Tai's afterwards that gave my whole family that horrible stomach virus, it was all worth it! I love spending time with the Cresaps! They ROCK! =)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Family Pictures

Besides being sick Sunday night, we actually had a really fun family weekend. Saturday we had a big Cresap Family March/April Birthday Celebration which I will blog about later. Sunday we went and got pictures taken with my family. My older brother Chris was in town, Shelley came up from Yuma, and we met at my dad's house. It was really fun. But it's pretty hard to get perfect pictures with 8 adults (some who still act like children!) and 4 squirmy children. So here's a sampling.....