Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday, Smamberkins!!!

Wow! Another year has gone by already and now my little baby is 10!!! I'm still in denial. Nothing ages me faster than my one and only Amber Smamber. Boo....
For Amber's birthday this year, I wanted it to be extra special since she's now double-digits. Months ago I decided I was going to take her, Jade, and two friends ice skating and get an ice-cream cake. Unfortunately, due to Shyla's arrival via c-section, I wasn't able to go ice skating yet. So I had to send David with the girls. So no fair. He doesn't even like skating. Another big BOOO! But at least he was semi-willing and all the girls had a blast! I even got him to take the camera along and promise me more than 3 decent pictures. And he did! So here they are:

After ice skating, David brought the girls here for cake and presents:
I let Amber open my mom's present Friday night cause I knew what it was.....
Perfect for ice skating!

Baskin Robbins makes the BEST ice-cream cakes!

Big box of Legos!

The newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book

Build-A-Bear giftcard

TWO big ol' dart guns

Later in the evening, we went to the mall so Amber could use her giftcard:

And on Sunday - her real birthday - she chose steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli, homemade bread, and pumpkin pie for her special dinner/dessert. 
Hey! Save some for the rest of us! =)

I sure love this girl! Amber is bright and funny and very, very active. She keeps us all on our toes! Amber is also a great big sister. She's very good at making her two littlest sisters happy. Love you, Amber Smamber!

Some More January Randoms

Mmmmm! Who likes corn on the cob? These girls do!

Here's a cute picture of my chunky redhead. Love this baby!

Amber modeling a new dress
So sweet 

Funny kids (David, too!) playing in Target 

We found an authentic Hawaiian restaraunt! Tastes just like what we used to eat in Hawaii. We will definately be going back on a fairly regular basis!

Took Shyla out of the carseat at the mall then turned around to see Paisley already making herself at home. What a turkey!

I really love all the crazy faces babies make. I really wish I knew what she's thinking here....

Friday, January 27, 2012

David's Pinning Ceremony

David is FINALLY done with nursing school! All that's left is the NCLEX exam to get his license. Last Saturday he had his pinning ceremony. It was so great to celebrate his accomplishment with him!
David won the class nominated Outstanding Student award

He was also the student speaker

The girls "pinning" him. His pin is on the blue ribbon around his neck.

Blurry....I know. But I was juggling a baby and trying to get a decent shot around the people sitting in front of us. Plus they wouldn't hold still.

Lighting the candle

Reciting the Florence Nightingale Pledge

Congratulations, David! I know the past two years haven't always been easy, and I hope you know how proud I am of you for sticking it out! Love you lots!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Train Ride, the Park, and Randoms

We've been busy, busy, busy this month. Here's what we've been up to: David finished nursing school and has his pinning ceremony tomorrow. Can't wait till he takes his boards and gets his license! Things are definately looking up for us. Our tenants signed a new lease, we are moving in March to a different house hopefully within the ward boundaries, David will be starting his BSN program online soon, we've been reading the Book of Mormon every night, I've been healing quickly and have been able to be more and more active - which means the house actually doesn't look like a disaster zone anymore, and we've all gotten used to being a family of 6.
Two weeks ago, we went to the mall. Our mall has a train that drives around on the second floor and the girls always beg to ride it. David just happened to have cash on him and generously allowed them to ride. I had to go to cause Paisley isn't old enough to go without a parent.

This past weekend, the weather was just gorgeous so I bribed Amber and Jade with a picnic lunch at the park if they would clean the kitchen - vacuum, mop, scrub counters/table, do the dishes, and make the lunch. They decided that was a good deal and got it all done in time for us to walk to the park. After a sandwich/cheetos/juice box lunch, the three oldest had a fun time playing.

And the randoms:
Amber built this fort. I thought it was actually a pretty neat hangout.

Our van has a dvd player and David got the girls wireless headsets. Paisley LOVES hers and always asks for her "ears" when we get in the car.

Getting a bath from Daddy and Paisley. Shyla is my first baby that really likes baths. She lays there kicking and squirming but sooo happy to be in the warm water.

I just think this picture is so typical of my girls....

Shyla working on her upper body strength. See her red hair?? It's even redder in person. =)