Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ready to gooooo!!!

My Pocky eating baby. She really liked it! =)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paisley's Stats

Finally got around to taking Paisley to her 4month check-up. Hahahaha! She turns 5 months on Friday..... Oh well. Such is life - right? She's a healthy, perfect little thing despite being late to every check-up so far.
Weight: 13lbs ~ 24%
Height: 25.5in ~ 81%
Head: 16in ~ 29%

But I ran these stats through an online calculator for a 5 month old and they drop dramatically. Soooo....she's a really tall 4 month old, but on Friday when she's 5 months she's only in the 55%. And for weight as a 5 month old, the percentage drops to 8%. My conclusion is she's a tall, thin, beautiful, happy baby who knows she's very much loved. =)

Since we moved and I can put her on the floor more, she's rolled over several times and lately she pops up to her hands and knees to rock. So far she only travels backwards and sideways, but hopefully she'll eventually get going forwards as well. Paisley is interested in everything and tries to grab everything. When she's successful, whatever she has goes straight into her mouth. Cell phones, my camera, hair, cat's tails, restraunt drink coasters, cat food; you name it, she eats it. Gotta love this little boogerhead! =)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some Updates

Okay...I have about a million things and pictures to get caught up on. Having no internet for a week really got me behind! Oh, and possibly the move played some part in that as well. First things first. We moved last Friday the 18th. It took 2 trips, 2 trailers (my dad's and a UHaul trailer), 6 people, and 12 hours to get about 95% of all our stuff. Dang we've accumalated a lot of stuff over the last 9 years! This is first time in about 5 years I've actually had to pack a single thing and I decided I don't enjoy packing. It's not fun. At all. Unpacking is fun. Even loading is fun. But packing....not so much. Anyways, all we have left at our Buckeye house is a few random odds and ends; a bench, our stone lion, David wants to take our dog gate, a pillow, Amber's "Bobby" (her baby blanket), our camping stuff in the attic, and that's pretty much it. So we'll go back over there probably Tuesday or Wednesday and enlist Zach's help (he has use of his friend's truck for the time being) and get it all back here. Our new place is WONDERFUL!!! I'm really loving it! It makes me a little sad we didn't find a place just like it to begin with last year when we moved here. The location is great, the layout is awesome, and it makes me happy to think of the years we'll spend here. Here's some pictures of the move.

Now I realize this is not the next thing that was actually one of the first. But too bad, so sad. Amber and Jade had their Christmas Concert at school on the 15th. The both did awesome. They sang their little hearts out and made me proud. I did take videos of both of them...but it takes FOREVER to download them onto youtube, so maybe later I'll have to add them in. We'll see.

Okay. This is really out of order. Here is officially the first thing I should have posted about. Our Cresap Family Christmas Party. On Sunday the 13th, we all went over to Lila's house and had fun eating, visiting, and opening presents. After the kids opened their presents, the adults played the gift exchange game. I ended up with goblets, chocolate covered pretzels, hershey kisses, and a martinelli. David got a pregnancy test, bubblebath, and a loofah. Hahaha! Too funny.

Here's the last thing I'm blogging about today. Decorating the Christmas tree. Zach and Tai brought us our tree and decorations along with the cats on Sunday the 20th. We roasted marshmallows over our firepit (but somehow I lost those pictures. Still not really sure how.....) and decorated the tree. Then we let the kids exchange gifts they had gotten each other from the dollar store. Sometimes kids are so easy to please! =)

I'll blog Christmas another day. I'm still wiped out and have laundry to do today. Along with unpacking more boxes..... Wish me luck!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm Baaaaack!!!

After going a week with no internet, we finally got it connected and I'm back online! Yea! I have a ton of catching up to do...but it'll all have to wait till things slow down a bit here. First, we moved. If you need my new address - email me at The house is a disaster zone right now. So next week I'll concentrate extra hard on cleaning it up. Love you all and hope your Christmas is the very best!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Phoenix Zoo

We took the girls to the Phoenix Zoo and had a lot of fun! The weather was perfect all the way until the very end when it started pouring! Hahahaha! I had Paisley snuggled up under her blanket to keep her warm and dry. Luckily she was sleeping and not squirming like she usually does. Jade was sad the giraffes weren't out, but was excited about the baboons wanting to play through the glass.

Watching the rhinos eat.

Giving the baboon "5"

This guy came right up to Paisley and started talking to her! It was sooo cute!

They brought the camel ride back!!!

See the little squirrel monkey?
This squirrel really really wanted the camera BAD! =)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tai's Christmas Bush and Other Events

Hahahahaha!!! Since I'm moving next week, I didn't think it was prudent to put up my big tree just to take it all back down and pack it just to unpack it again and put it back up. So Tai convinced Zach to go to their storage unit to find Christmas stuff. They came back with "The Christmas Bush". All they could find was their little 4ft tree. But the kids still had fun decorating it and the kittens still have fun wacking the balls around the house. But believe me when I say that next Sunday, my tree is going up, up, up!!! And lights are going on the new house pronto!
I finally found time to make Christmas dresses for the first time in years! Last year I had no time cause I was working all day at the DayCare Center. The year before that I was too busy with Home DayCare. I think that's my excuse for the year before that as well. But since I'm a permanant stay-at-home mommy now, (thank you sooooo much David for working so hard! I love you!!) I had time to make dresses for all three girls. Amber's and Jade's dresses open up in the back and you can see the bright pink fabric underneath. Paisley's doesn't do that cause she's a baby. But her's is still pretty darn cute! And she didn't puke on it the first time she wore it! Hooray! I think she sometimes thinks she needs to christen her new clothes with baby barf before she can wear them. Ewww!
Last week the kids were at each other's throats so we took them to the park by my house. The older 4 had fun playing hide-and-seek in the bushes for awhile. Jocy had fun going down the slide and alternating between the 3 animal rides. Paisley was cold. We were there for maybe 20min when Amber started whining that she was thirsty. She decided that throwing rocks into the grass would make her feel better. Oh! And better yet....hanging on Mom's leg while she's holding the baby would be even better. No...probably throwing a fit at the park cause Mom won't go home to get a water jug would be the best way to cure extreme thirst. I finally told her if she didn't can it, I'd take her home and she couldn't come back. Amber decided to go dig in the sand. She's fun. =p
Okay. Last set of pictures. These are just a sampling of the fun things I've been making lately. I saw a cute tag ball at Babies-R-Us for $25. It looked easy enough to make so I bought some fabric and ribbons and went to work. The first one I made didn't turn out right. It was too short and fat. So I changed my pattern piece and tried again. I think it turned out quite cute! I still have leftover fabric in case someone I know has a baby girl and plenty of leftover ribbons. All-in-all, it cost $15 and I have/had enough supplies to make 3 or 4 balls! The other fun thing I've made is baby shoes! Tera found me a pattern and I whipped up 2 pairs for Paisley straight away. My poor baby has the smallest feet ever and doesn't even fit into newborn shoes yet even though she's 4 1/2 months old now! So it was nice to be able to make her some shoes that stay on her little feet. All I had to do was tighten the elastic around the back to make them small enough. And if/when she ever grows out of them, I can just adjust the elastic and there's plenty of room! No more frosty toes!
Paisley sporting her new shoes and a pair of cute leggings!

She really is adored by her big sisters! Amber loves making her giggle and Jade is always willing to read and sing songs to her. Makes me happy that I have such sweet little girls!