Tuesday, July 31, 2012


What in the world happened to July??? Can't believe it's done already! I'm both soooo not ready for school to start next week and also overjoyed that it is. lol I WANT TO MOVE ALREADY!!!! K - here's the month in pics:
Shyla LOVES her sisters and Paisley LOVES Shyla's toys =)

Looking through old pics to fill photo albums

Time to lower the mattress!

This little girl is ready to go places!

Hahahahaha!!! FAIL!

Our pool is green at the moment.....

"Aaaaa!!! Where's my cookie???"

Ignore the weirdo and look at the awesome entertainment center I scored for $20! I'm turning it into a play kitchen/dress-up armoire for Paisley.

Went outside Sunday morning and found a gaping hole in the carport ceiling! A guy was here Monday morning and did some prep work to repair it.

Mmmm!!! S'Mores Dip!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wakamatsu Family Reunion 2012

We just got home from the first real vacation we've taken as a family since 2007 when we went to the Big Island. Real because David took several days off from work and even pushed his next class back a week - it was supposed to start July 2nd, but we left July 3rd. So where did we go?? UTAH!!! We were able to attend the Wakamatsu reunion for the first time since 2004. And luckily, this was the year nearly everyone was able to come, so we really got to see just about everybody! Including my MOM!!! She made arrangements for all of us (us, her and Kev, Shell and kids) to stay together at my Uncle Lincoln's house. I really loved the extra time we got to spend together because of this. Amber, Jade, and Paisley just LOVE their Grandma and Bobo and had so much fun playing with them. Amber and Jade also made some new cousin friends and enjoyed Abby's chickens.

Day 1:
 All the girls loved catching Abby's chickens - with Aunt Louie's help, of course!
 Amber brought this puzzle to help "break the ice" because she's so shy
 The dart guns were a bday present for Caleb - but Amber and Bobo played with them almost nonstop!
 Shyla and one of her cousins - Luke - who is exactly 1 month younger
Uncle Lincoln's house was situated perfectly to see multiple sets of fireworks right from the front yard! And the weather was just wonderful.

Day 2:
Earlier Thursday, we met up at the University Mall and had a picture scavenger hunt. And in the evening, we met at this cool park for dinner. =)
 Paisley being comforted by Grandma after getting wet from a puddle

Day 3:
 Uncle Lincoln took us to a farm near his house.
 All the Cresap and Hill children
 Jade, Celeste, and Paisley had fun riding the ponies
 Playing with cousins!
 Amber, Jade, and Celeste were recruited by Abby to help with their family talent. Paisley decided she would join in as well. Notice she's doing the same hand motion as the big girls?
These are all the Wakamatsu great-grandkids

Day 4:
We spent Saturday morning looking at model homes around Lehi, then met up with more family at Cabela's. No pics of any of that. Sorry! For our evening entertainment, we headed over to Mandy's house for a married cousins + their kids party. We had a blast with Minute-to-Win-It challengs, hot dogs, and roasted marshmallows.
 David attempting to pick up short paper bags with his mouth while avoiding touching the ground.
 Shelley moving a cookie from her forehead to her mouth without dropping/touching it.
 While in Utah, Shyla cut her first tooth and got her first cookie as a reward
 Amber trying out the cookie trick
 Knocking cups down with a yo-yo between his legs

I was the only one able to balance all three golf balls in the allotted minute! David looks smug like he did it, too, but he didn't! lol