Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paisley's Party

Amber, Amaia, Jocylain, Hope, Railynn, Jade, Paisley, Faith, Honor, Courage, Justice, and Logan

Even though Paisley doesn't turn two till Aug 1st, we celebrated her birthday yesterday with as much family as could make it. It was also the last Cresap get-together we'll have for awhile since Dave and Tera are headed to North Dakota this morning. It was great to get all the cousins together for the afternoon/evening - they really have such a fun time together! Paisley had a great time swimming with everyone, dinner was yummy, she loved all her presents, and the cake was pretty dang cute, too. Here's a bunch of pics:
Papa and Grandmommy Sarah brought Sploosh balls to play with in the pool. The uncles had a lot of fun chucking them at the kids

Ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, and rolls. Yum!


A monster cake for our monster girl!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pineapples and Bicycles

What in the world do those two things have in common? Umm...absolutely nothing! lol But it just so happens that the same afternoon I finally planted my pineapple plants into pots, Amber and Jade desperately wanted to ride their bikes in the street. I think they're missing a few nuts upstairs as it was 108 that day, but I let them. Cause I'm nice - sometimes. I think they were out there for 10min before calling it quits on their own. And I'm still the nice Mom cause I let them. Everybody wins! =)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Sleuth Jr.

This girl has some super sleuthing powers! Paisley's the first of my kids to EVER find ANY present before it's time. Today she found her big birthday present. I had it in the empty "baby" room with the door shut. I had just assembled it last night and since she never goes in that room on her own, I figured it'd be safe in there till Wednesday when we have her party. Well, I was wrong. She snuck in there while I was finishing dinner and I found her with a baby "fast asleep" and her sitting on the rocking chair happy as a clam. Silly girl. So I moved it into her room and she's been having fun with her babies since. Happy Early Birthday, Kiddo! =)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Cousin Fun

Yesterday was such a fun day with family! Tera, Dave & co. along with Zach, Tai & co. came to swim and visit. Before Zach and Tai got here, the older kids had a blast chicken fighting in the pool. It was so hilarious watching them trying to knock their cousin down into the water! And I'm proud to say my girls won against their cousins. lol Gooooo, Cresap girls!! =)
Amber and Faith. At one point, it seemed like Amber was trying to drown poor Faith! This match-up took awhile to have a winner, but after a little "help" from David (in the form of tickling Faith) Amber finally knocked her off Dave's shoulders.

Jade and Hope. These two girls were a good match - only 1 month apart in age and basically the same size. Jade nearly lost her swimsuit, but managed to drag Hope into the water in the end.

While I was taking pictures, Amber was good enough to help keep Paisley from drowning herself.

We even had a visit from Julia Roberts! lol

Courage and Faith. These siblings were both determined not to let the other win! David and Dave were in danger of making out at times! Hahaha

This is not a swimming picture. But it is something Paisley LOVES to do everyday. This poor cat is declawed and has no basic survival skills whatsoever which makes her an easy target for all the little kids to pick up and carry drag around the house. She just cries and licks her torturers. Ooooo....scary!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Update

Well....I'm just about 4 months along now. And still no real visible baby bump. This is the smallest I've been this far along with any of my babies. Which I'm totally fine with. My babies get smaller each time - which I'm also okay with. I finally got to hear it's little heartbeat this past Tuesday. For some reason, this was the first visit my doctor even tried to find it. I think that's weird. Cause with the other three, it seems that was one of the things done at the first several visits. But my little blob's heart is working! Yay! lol I have my appt for my second trimester ultrasound on Aug 12th. That's the big one where we get to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. So stay tuned for that. Other than that, nothing new. Haven't felt the little shrimp move yet, I've gained 5lbs, and the summer heat is killing me - but that's not related to my pregnancy. I've always hated summers here. Okay - so, to sum this post up: nothing new, no moving yet, heart works, watch for Aug 12th post. =)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Fun and Swimming Lessons

We've really enjoyed having Tera and Dave in town these past couple weeks! Last Wednesday, we all headed over to Zach and Tai's house to visit and see their new baby, Amaia. What a little cutie! Fresh babies are always so fun to snuggle. Can't wait till I have my own! =)

David is apparently gonna eat the baby....

Towards the end of the evening, all the kids (there was 11 of them!) were getting pretty loud and wild, to Tera sent them outside and challenged them to build the best rock/trach castle. This one was Jade's.

And this one was Amber's.

And now here are some fun pictures from the girls' last day of swimming lessons for this summer:

I never was able to convince Paisley's teacher she was able to swim.....I may have to bring video proof of it for her teacher next year.

Amber was BRAVE to dive off the diving board!

And I'm proud of Jaders for jumping off at all! She was terrified!!

K - time for a couple more family fun pics. Just my family, though. Yesterday morning, Amber got David to go outside and play some basketball. Both Amber and Jade made a couple baskets - which I of course did not get pictures of. Oh, well!

After shooting a couple baskets to warm up, they started playing a game. It didn't last very long - the water works started pretty quickly. Someday my girls will stop being so wimpy.....maybe. lol

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello, Friends!

I just realized that I haven't blogged in awhile. I'm gonna have to backtrack a bit to get caught up. So this is going to be one looong post with tons of fun pics to look at. Yay! Here we gooooooo......

K - first a few randoms that don't really go along with anything else we've been doing:
Amber and Jade thought it would be fun to wash my car. At noon. In the hot Arizona summer. All I can say about it is they sure were fast about

Really, is there anything better??

My new baby. Our old washer was somewhere between 15-20yrs old and finally called it quits mid-load. Luckily, we had enough put away in savings to go buy a new one from Sears.

David introduced Paisley to nectarines. I think they're gross. This is because I grew up with a couple peach trees in my backyard and sorry.....but there's no comparison between fresh-from-the-tree peaches and hard-as-a-rock things they call peaches and nectarines at the store. Paisley however, doesn't know the difference and loved it.

My sweetie girls dressed up for church. I curled Pie's pigtails! And yes, she brought her bright purple platypus with her. Spoiled little thing.

Next up: one really fun evening of swimming. This actually happens more often than not. Mainly cause it's seriously too hot to swim in the afternoon and I burn regardless of the spf number in the sunscreen. Pink skin sucks. Period. Anyways, I pulled out David's and my old snorkel gear from Hawaii and we had fun teaching
Amber and Jade how to use it. Jade's pretty good with the snorkel. Amber...not so much. She panics and forgets she can breathe through her mouth. lol

Last, but not least, David's sister Tera and her family came to visit us from Ohio! They're mid-move from there to North Dakota, had some time to kill, and lots of family here in the valley. Jade has had a blast with her cousin Hope who's just 1 month younger. Poor Amber doesn't have a single cousin on either side anywhere near her age, but she still had fun playing Mario on our Wii with Courage and Justice. Zach and Tai brought their kids over to play and even Papa came up from Tucson! The kids all had sooo much fun swimming with Papa and all the cousins!


Papa throwing Courage. Notice all the other kids have cleared out of the pool....

While Tera and Dave are in Arizona, we are babysitting their dog, Charlie. As you can see, Paisley LOVES him. And her cereal of choice? Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds.

Princess Power!

These kids have some mean Wii skills....

You may or may not have noticed my absence here on our blog. This is mainly due to me being stuck in that awkward "bloated" stage of pregnancy....where all your normal clothes are too tight but maternity clothes just hang. I will make an appearance once again as soon as I actually look pregnant. =)