Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fun Stuff and Pictures, Too

I loooooove when I find the girls reading to each other. They're so sweet!

I think I'm feeding her pears. Paisley really loves pears and sweet potatoes.

Amber likes practicing on Jade. I have similar memories......but my test subject was usually less than willing....

Finished Paisley's baby blanket. Isn't it sweet??

Amber making Pumpkin Pie for dessert.

Jade making Chocolate Cream Pie. Yum!

I finished their Christmas dresses, too. Now just imagine their hair fixed.....Tada! =)

The backs are really pretty. They open up to show the bright pink underneath. Paisley's is done, too, but she didn't feel like modeling it today. Next week for sure.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Fun Thanksgiving

This year we had Thanksgiving dinner at my Dad and Jami's house. The company was fun, the food was great, and the girls had fun beating up Nana (Jami) with foam swords. I'm making another Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday for us and Tai's family. After dinner we'll be putting up the Christmas tree. Fun, fun!The girls enjoyed the appetizers.
David enjoyed watching the turkey get carved.
Jade decided she wanted bangs. Instead of asking me, she just cut them herself. I didn't notice till Wednesday as I fixed her hair for school. I didn't have time to fix them then so she had to wait till Thursday. Yeah....I sent her to school with weird short flippy things in front of her head.
I fixed my hair for Thanksgiving. I thought it deserved a picture.Poor Paisley fell asleep while I was fixing my hair.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm so proud of my Jaders! She can READ!!!!! Hallelujah! Here she is reading a book to David.

Cooking With Mom

My children LOVE to help me in the kitchen. If I ask one to help get dinner ready, I'd better have a job for the other too or there will be major waterworks. I asked Amber if she wanted to make the tomato soup and immediately Jade came running in asking to help. I didn't even know she was in hearing distance! So I had to find her a job. Crescent rolls! I showed Jade how to roll up the rolls and she had fun helping get dinner ready too. I love cooking with my girls!

Tiny's Lunch: Part 2

To continue in my exploration of what tastes better than's a few more pictures for evidence.
Yummy sink scraps mixed with soap!
Ooooo!!! TRASH!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Grandpa's Fun Park

While David, Jami and I tortured poor Paisley at the mall, my dad took Amber and Jade to Freestone Park to feed the ducks. He took some pictures, but I don't have them. When we met back up at his house, Dad and I decided to take the girls to another park near his house with TONS of play equiptment. Amber and Jade sure had fun trying everything out! =)

Tiny's Lunch

Apparently used baby cereal tastes better than catfood. Good to know....

Ear Piercing

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Little Miss Opinion

Too funny. Tai and I went to Joann's yesterday to get some things. As we walked in, we were overwhelmed with the smell of cinnamon pinecones. Apparently, Paisley HATES the smell of cinnamon pinecones. Her little nose wrinkled up and she freaked out! I had to pull her out of her carseat to settle her down. After she finally calmed down, I put her back in her seat and finished shopping. On our way out, we were again assaulted with cinnamon pinecones. And sure enough, Little Miss Opinion wrinkled her cute little nose up and started crying all over again. Now I know it's not just me that can't stand the smell! Hahahaha!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Family Pictures!

It's that time of year again when I have to drag my unwilling family to some pretty spot around the neighborhood and force them to smile nice for the camera just on the off-chance we can get a few shots of everyone actually looking in the same direction. Is that really so much to ask for? Apparently in my family it is. I got everyone cleaned up and looking nice and off we went. Yeah. We didn't even take one picture before Jade was whining. She claimed her eyes were tired. Hmmm... So as she threw fit after fit, David started being grouchy. Yes, David. I think we got 2 pictures with no one visibly crying. That was it. Jade was off, David was off. So I asked Tai to take a few of me, Amber, and Paisley. And then some of me with each girl. I really wanted some of David and me, but he left the park early. Poophead! But I think the ones Tai got are pretty great.
On our way home, we were entering into my area of the neighborhood when a bunch of cop cars pulled up right in front of us. Amber and Logan were walking ahead of Tai and I and Jade was still across the street waiting for the cop cars to pass. Oh....and then a couple cops pulled out their guns and started yelling at some guy in the truck right by Amber and Logan. Ummmm....let's turn around guys! After much convincing, Tai and I finally got Amber and Logan to listen to us and walk away. We had to take the long way home and now I have blisters on my foot. =(

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Weekend of Firsts for Paisley

Paisley had so much fun learning new tricks this weekend. Well....I guess she didn't really learn all of them. Some were pushed upon her..... That's what parent's are for - right? =)

First cereal! Yea! She did such a great job eating it up!

First toy discovery! Yea! Hahaha! She had so much fun playing with this little mirror. Everytime she found herself in it, she smiled and talked away. Smart little thing!

Isn't my little redhead so cute with pigtails?? I thought I'd be funny and try to get her hair into a little ponytail. Tai thought I should try to make two. So I did. And it worked! So stinkin cute! Paisley is getting way too big!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Last of October Pictures

This is the last of my October pictures. I bet you didn't figure that one out already! Hahaha! I'm soooo glad it's November! I can't wait for the holidays! Now if it would just get chilly again.....Last week felt so good! It dropped into the 60's! Woohoo! Unfortunately, it jumped right back up to 90 this week. Boooo! My fingers are crossed for the weather to cool down again. It really did feel wonderful.Jade playing outside with her cousins
It was FREEZING last week! Okay....freezing in terms of Phoenix Valley weather anyways....
Amber cutting up the chicken for chicken soup
Paisley enjoying time in the jumper
Milo chillin in the kitchen sink. Not sure why.....but whatever!