Monday, August 30, 2010

Nothing New

It's been a pretty uneventful week or two here so I obviously have nothing much to post about. But I did take a couple cute pics of Pie and I might as well share them.

Paisley really really likes broccoli! She was shaking with excitement when I put the bowl down in front of her. PS - Do you like her hair?? It was in a little pony and she pulled it out during her naptime. I think it's much improved..... Hahaha!

Here she is in my room. She dumped some goldfish on the floor. I told her to pick them up. Instead of picking them up and putting them back in the bowl, she thought it would be fun to put them in her bag!

I see an awful lot of THIS all day long. This is Pie wanting me to hold her. And it's accompanied by a frantic grunting sound as well. Can you hear it? "Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh....." Luckily, she's fine just holding my hand and walking with me around the house.
If I don't respond quick enough (or just stand there a snap a picture).....she melts. And if I walk away from melted baby, she gets quite high pitched. lol Spoiled little thing! But seriously! How am I supposed to say no to the only child in the world who chooses me over David so often???

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soooo LATE!!!

Ummm....David's b-day was almost a week ago - August 14. And I'm lame. I admit this. And the first step to any kind of growth is admitting your weaknesses - right? Yes. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID!!! We had such a great day last Saturday! After a morning of pretty much doing nothing, we drove out to Mesa to drop the girls off at Jami's house. She very kindly volunteered to watch them for us so Davey and I could go OUT!

We met up with some Peoria friends at the temple, did a session, then went out for Mexican food! Sooo much fun!!! And soooo YUMMY!!! We laughed and talked the entire evening.

And David got free birthday flan! Oh, man! It was delicious!

Instead of just picking up the girls and heading home (it was already 8pm by the time we left the restaraunt and it's a good 45min drive home from Mesa), we ended up staying and visiting with Jami till 11! Amber and Jade were awake the whole time but luckily, Jami had put Pie down at 7 and she slept till we had to wake her up to put her in the car. On Sunday, I made David a nice birthday dinner and invited the Bishop's family (they just happen to be the Bishop's family.....they really are pretty good friends!) to have cake and ice cream with us.

Somehow David managed to blow out all his candles..... =)

I'm so lucky to have David in my life. He's such a great husband and father! I'll always be grateful for the hard work he does so I can be home and raise our girls. And though he likes making a game out of annoying me sometimes, I know he just does it cause he loves me and wants my attention. (Hopefully he doesn't read this and think it's an excuse for him to keep annoying me! Hahaha!) Love you, Davey!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I did it! I opened up my etsy shop yesterday! I currently have 14 items for sale. Only one outfit at the moment, but I'll be working on more this week to list. Go check it out!

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Day of School

I know! I'm almost a whole week late with this one! Sorry! Monday was Amber and Jade's 1st day back to school. They both had a great day and made new friends. This is a big deal for Amber cause for some reason she always has a hard time making friends. But she has a new one! Her name is Shelby and they play together at every recess. =) Jade's a little social butterfly so I never really need to worry about her. They both like their teachers this year so that makes getting them off to school easier.

Amber - 3rd Grade

Jade - 1st Grade

Paisley's 1 Year Stats

Weight - 17lbs 7oz = 4%
Height - 30in = 73%

What our little stringbean is doing:
Swimming (sorta - definately NOT drown proof yet - but she gets the idea of it)
Sleeping 12-13 hours at night
Knows the finger actions for Itsy Bitsy Spider
     ~when she wants you to sing it for her, she makes a spider and starts "singing". If you don't catch on fast enough, she'll smack you to get your attention and "sing" louder (and snottier)
Knows Patty Cake
     ~she knows all the actions to this one but prefers to have someone else move her hands for her. She'll start with the clapping, then immediately shove her hands into yours and "chirp" until you grab them and do the actions. Pure laziness....
Uses anything with buttons like a phone
Sends random texts to people using my phone (sorry if you've gotten one....or more!)
Knows how to turn on the TV feature on David's phone (which costs $$$ so we really really try to keep his phone away from her!)
Colors on paper
     ~she doesn't care what paper, she'll color on any she finds. If she can't find paper, she'll walk around the house with a crayon/pen/pencil/marker "chirping" until she finds one. If that doesn't work, she'll find someone, grab their hand, and chirp while leading them around the house.
Throws "garbage" away
     ~this is one very good reason I'm glad we have a trashcan with a lid in the kitchen! Anything She considers trash gets thrown away. Every time we go to Tai's house and I catch her going in and out of the kitchen there, I have to go check the trash. I've found all sorts of toys and papers thrown away!
Stacks her stacking cups in the tub
     ~Tera gave her stacking cups at Christmas time and I put them in the tub for Pie to play with. She puts one inside another again and again. If she's trying to put a big one inside a little one and it obviously won't fit, she'll reverse it or find a different cup to try.
Blows her nose
     ~she'll walk around the house with a tissue blowing her nose (but really she's blowing with her mouth)
Gives great hugs and kisses
Loves sitting on counters
If there's at least 1 person reading in the family room, she'll go get a book and join.
When you go get her out of her crib in the morning or after a nap, she'll quickly gather anything she wants to bring with her and hand it to you before reaching up to be picked up. Usually she hands me her blanket, cup, doll, and whatever animal is in there before she'll let me grab her. If I just grab her, she'll freak out while reaching for her stuff.

Words she says:

She'll combine Hi with what/whoever she's talking to: Hi Mom, Hi Dad, Hi Kitty..... She also points at David's scrub pants (he wears scrubs everyday to school) and says Dad! Paisley is a very good mimic. She copies the sound Amber makes blowing her nose, she'll copy anyone crying, and she'll attempt any animal sound you repeat enough.
Paisley also points at things and makes different sounds depending on what she's trying to say. If she points and chirps, she wants it. If she points and grunts, she's telling you to look (her grunt kinda sounds like yoo like "look" with a y and no k). If she points and looks at you, she's asking what it is. If you try to give her something she doesn't want, she shakes her head. And if you try to take something from her she doesn't want you to have, she'll either hold it as far away from you and she can and "chew you out", or she'll run away. Sometimes she'll run to someone else, point at you, and "complain" like she's tattle-telling.

Paisley's favorite foods:
frozen blueberries
frozen peas
hot dogs

She refuses to eat:
more than 1/4 graham cracker
ice cream

I'm still having a hard time accepting that my baby is 1 now. Time just goes by so quickly! I'm so very grateful for this little one and all the happiness and love she brings to our family. Paisley's such a cheerful little thing! David is such an awesome hubby to work so hard to allow me to stay home with my sweet Pie baby!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Last Week of Summer

Obviously we can't wait. And I really do mean "we". Amber and Jade are extremely excited to head back to school (and I really really am excited they are going!). This last week has been CRAZY trying to get everything together and still have summer fun. I think we've managed though and even have a little bit of a head start for cooler weather. We'll have to deal with that as it comes...and thankfully I have plenty of time before it's cool enough to pull out jeans and long-sleeves. At least another 2-3 months. Anyways, here's some fun pictures from the past week.

This is the aftermath from Pie's b-day party. Amber and Jade shredded leftover plastic leis, tied them around various body parts, then decided to make a spiderweb in the back yard. Paisley had a blast "driving" the car with her babies. She'll be a great mom someday!

So here's Paisley eating a popsicle and brushing her teeth. The face she's making with the popsicle is my very most favorite face she makes ever. And this is the first time I've been able to capture it! LOVE it! The third picture is Amber and Jade sitting on Papa with some cousins. We went to Queen Creek to see David's dad at Alex and Onya's house. The kiddos sure enjoyed torturing him!

More swimming! I ran out of swim diapers (used the last one at the party) so Paisley has been skinny-dipping this whole last week. Don't worry...I bought more yesterday. I'm 98% sure she didn't pee in the pool..... haha!

Here's my sweet girls enjoying Paisley's present from Grandma and Bobo. And yes, Pie's still nudey. =)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Birthday Videos

Paisley Dancing the Hula!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Always willing to share...

Paisley will be a great mom someday - as long as she never has triplets! Hahaha!

One Fun Party

All you Lame-o's who skipped Paisley's party really lost out! Despite the rain, we had a fantastic luau! We even had tiki torches and Hawaiian music playing. Thankfully there wasn't any lightening so the kids (and a few adults) had fun swimming and throwing water balloons at each other. I, unfortunately, was stuck in the kitchen for the balloon fight so no pics. Booo! lol There was plenty of fruit and dip, kabobs, jumbo shrimp, pudding pies, and of course an ultra fabulous volcano birthday cake made by my dear friend Fawn. It was amazing! And Paisley thoroughly enjoyed destroying it. She got a lot of really fun toys and adorable clothes/bows. By far, her favorite presents are the twin baby dolls from Nana (she's dragged them EVERYWHERE and insisted on bringing one to church this morning!), the giraffe bike from us, and a cell phone from Auntie Lila. She wore a sweet dress from my friend Molly to church, bows from Auntie Shelley, and afterwards, even sat down to try putting a puzzle together. Her Uncle Chris got her two Curious George collections and Pie likes finding the monkey on each page.

Paisley is such a wonderful little baby. She's always been mostly pleasant (we all have our moments) and cheerful and so happy to see her family. She adores her sisters and is constantly mimicking their play. And though she can get quite snotty at times, Paisley has such a good, sweet, even-temper, you can't help but just love her. I'm so grateful my Heavenly Father entrusted her to our care!

Happy Birthday, Paisley!!

It's crazy to me how much a baby changes in the first year. We sure love our sweet Paisley Pie!