Friday, March 23, 2012


Today, David's sister, Lila came and watched ALL 4 girlies so Dave and I could go see Hunger Games! How sweet is that?? Thankfully, Shyla slept almost the entire time and when she did wake up, she was just perfectly content. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lila!!!
This week has been spring break for Amber and Jade. As much as I love having them home, it sure makes it hard to get anything done around here! I've seriously tried to clean out closets and bedrooms, but I haven't had much success. Too many crazies running around.... Like right now as I'm typing, Amber, Jade, and Paisley are literally wrestling right in front of me. Amber's throwing Paisley's blanket at Jade who's running around yelling like a lunatic while Paisley is recovering on the floor after tripping over a pillow and crash-landing on a wii controller. It's wild right now. Makes me really, really glad that bedtime is in less than an hour. Argh! Also, Amber's hermit crab she got for Christmas died so now she's off to go bury him. But Jade is running away from Paisley who is trying to catch Jade with a bead necklace - but they're running circles around David who's trying to get out the backdoor to help bury the dead crab. Special. This is pretty much how it's been all week. So I've gotten very little done this week. Starting Monday, it WILL be better! I have Amber's and Jade's Easter dresses to finish, the towel closet to clean out, Paisley's closet to finish cleaning, and I really super want to rearrange bedrooms - again. I know. I have problems. Well, here's the couple random pics:
One very sweet baby all ready for church.

And Jade - trying out the "spinnability" of her pretty birthday skirt Aunt Shelley sent! I think it spins.... lol

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dang, I'm OLD!!!

So sad. This year - well, yesterday anyways - I turned the big 3-0. Can't believe I'm 30 already! Good grief! Luckily, my body hasn't started breaking down yet, so I'm good for a few more years at least. lol This year for my birthday, David bought me a:
I already have 20 books and 3 games on it. Amber and David are constantly trying to take it from me.

Shelley got me:

My Mom sent me:
It's a "creative station" - you can make stickers/magnets/laminate with it.

My friend, Carrie, brought over a flower pot containing 30 of these bad boys cause "30 Sucks". lol

And I made this for dessert!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

24 Hours of Fun

Last night, almost exactly 24 hours ago, we headed to the mall so Jade could use her Build-A-Bear giftcard. She chose a german shepherd puppy and actually got a good deal. At the stuffing station, Jade was cut by another girl. The mom felt bad and gave us a $10 off coupon she wasn't going to use. Then, when checking out, the cashier said Jade could buy a $10 giftcard for only $5! So instead of spending her entire giftcard plus her $10 birthday money just on the puppy and outfit, she only spend $3 of her own for the puppy, outfit, and giftcard. =)
 Meet Cuddles!

We stopped at Baskin-Robbins for dessert cause Jade and I both had coupons for a free scoop. Yum!
She's so big! Paisley chose "rainbow" ice cream

And then today we had Jade's friend party. We invited Aubrey to join us for the afternoon. Jade opened a couple presents, then we went to see The Lorax at a dine-in theater! Aubrey and Jade sat in their own row and felt so grown-up ordering their food! They even got a brownie sundae to share. We walked around the nearby mall before taking Aubrey home and stopping at Walmart on our way home.
Hymn book, CTR ring and necklace from Nana

Butterfly wings!

Pinkalicious book

Barbie Island Princess dress

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Special Day

Today was a very special day for Jade and Shyla - Jade was baptized and Shyla blessed! What a great thing to share with a sister!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday, Jaders!

My sweet baby Jade turned 8 today! Can't believe how big she's getting. Jade is such an easy child - always cheerful and giggly, eager to please and very helpful. We're so blessed to have her in our family! Love you, sweetheart!
This year for Jade's birthday, our family in New Mexico were here for their spring break so she and Amber got pulled out of school to spend time with cousins at the Wildlife World Zoo! We all had so much fun with Zach, Tai, their kids, Lila, and Hunter. The weather was just beautiful and none of the kids threw any major fits (and neither baby had a blow-out or meltdown!) which made it quite enjoyable.

After the zoo, we came home and had terriyaki chicken, rice, veggies, and rolls for dinner with a pretty cupcake caterpillar for dessert.

Jade opened her presents and was delighted to receive her very own set of scriptures, a Build-a-Bear giftcard, CTR earrings and scripture tote from Grandma and Bobo, and $10 inside her bday card from Gma and Gpa Robertson.

Happy Birthday, Jade! Hope you got everything you wanted - though I know you did as all you asked for was a puppy.... haha

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cute Baby

Just a couple sweet pics of this not-so-little girl.
 Why do babies always figure out how to spit before swallowing?? Drool, anyone?

 Happy girl!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Making Friends

We introduced Harley to some of his new companions. The cats are starting to get used to him, but I think it may take awhile until all parties are comfortable around each other. Harley wants to play with them, but cats are cats.... Crook spent an hour chasing Harley around the backyard hissing and smacking him. Harley thought it was a game and had his tail wagging and tongue hanging out happy as can be the whole time. lol Raphael (the tortoise) doesn't care....but Harley has fun "pretending" he's being chased by Raph and will "run away" barking just to come back to check if Raph has moved yet. Very comical to watch. Harley has quickly learned that Paisley is the easiest target for face-licking, and to stay away from the grouchy giant orange cat cause he's the only one with claws.

Amber and Jade had a playdate today with a couple girls in our ward. Emma and Isabell came and spent the afternoon with us and all 5 girls (Paisley, too!) had a great time together. Afterwards, David took Amber and Jade to see John Carter at the drive-in.

And a pic of my cute baby snuggling her Daddy.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meet Harley!

Today Amber and Jade had early release from school and got home at 11. David got us loaded in the van and headed to the Humane Society in Phoenix to look/play with puppies. I warned him that the girls would automatically assume we were bringing one home, but he assured me we were just looking. Ha! hour after getting there, I found myself walking to the car with a puppy. We found this sweet boy and just fell in love! This baby boy is 3 months old and is a german shepard/hound mix. He's so well-mannered. Especially for a pup! He even loved Paisley's attention. After struggling to agree on a name (Paisley liked Dental and Bolt, Jade wanted Brownie, Amber suggested Max and Jack, David liked Sniffles, Patch, and Duncan, and my vote was Zuccini) we settled on Harley while looking at dog collars. Coincidentally, or not, we bought a Harley-Davidson collar and leash for him. =) After a really, really good bath, Harley quickly made himself at home and had a great time playing with the girls. Welcome to you new family, Harley!
Is this not the sweetest thing ever??

Pizza Night

At our house, Every Tuesday is Amber's night to choose dinner and every Wednesday is Jade's. This Tuesday, Amber chose homemade pizza. Well, I thought I'd be a fun mom and let the girls make their own individual pizzas. That's right. I can be a fun mom every now and then! =)
Paisley really enjoyed putting cheese on her pizza. She wouldn't stop sprinkling more and more on top!

Amber's and Jade's

Mine and Paisley's. Mine has alfredo sauce, tomatoes, spinach, and zuccini. All the black around Paisley's is the cheese that fell off her pizza. haha She ate her all gone which is impressive if you know how little any of my girls eat....