Sunday, July 28, 2013

Party Time!

This weekend was a blast! Really, it started Thursday night when David and I went to a 10pm showing of Wolverine. I had a difficult time waking up Friday morning, but made it through the day. For our Friday night date, David took me to PF Changs and then we saw RED 2. Food was delicious, movie was hilarious, and we had a good time together. =) This weekend was an Alex weekend and since KaylaAnn and Paisley's bdays are so close, we had a combined party for them! Saturday morning we had a million (almost) errands to run, then I cleaned up the house and cooked some food up. Papa and Grandmommy Sarah came over, we ate, the girls opened their presents, we had cake, and then we watched a movie using Alex's cool projector. We've been watching a movie outside, but since the lawnmower broke 2 weeks ago, the grass is super duper long and I was concerned about the number of creepy crawlies hiding in it. So we hung a blanket on the bookcase and used that as our screen instead. Here's some fun pics:
Paisley's blinged-out Kindle Fire

This is how Uncle Alex changes lightbulbs

And this is how David shows his superiority! lol

I couldn't find David anywhere, peeked in Shyla's room, and found them both sound asleep in each other's arms! Sooo sweet!

Present time!
Pajama pants from Amber - Amber sewed them herself!

Hair clip from Jade - she did extra chores to earn the money!

Pink princess dress from me 

Tea set from Papa and Grandmommy Sarah

Princess cupcakes!

Cute "matches" girls!

All dressed up for church

My beautiful, happy, almost-birthday girl!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Carole's Birthday

Carole (David's mom) died December 2003. Since then, I think we've only gone to visit her gravesite twice. Well, the day the girls and I got home from Albuquerque was Carole's birthday (July 7th) so David and Dee met Alex and I at the cemetery. There was a lot of squealing as David was reunited with his girlies! I think they all missed him as much as he missed them!

New Mexico

The girls and I were able to drive to Albuquerque for the 4th of July weekend. Unfortunately David had to work and couldn't come, but we made it there and back safely. I was nervous driving there by myself with Shyla not in diapers....but thankfully the dvd player in my van kept the girls entertained and Shyla was good about telling me when she had to go potty. We made it 7 hours without a single accident (pulling over 3 times off the highway and stopping at 3 actual places) and then she had 3 in the last half hour. So lame. lol But I'm still pretty proud of her. =) On the way back, David was very anxious and lonely so I put a diaper on her and just drove. However, she was still dry everytime we stopped for gas/lunch/stretch. Here's what we did in New Mexico:
Here's everyone waiting for the parade to start. It was hot and we had zero shade. We also didn't think to bring water or snacks for the kids. lol But I think they still had fun!

Tai gave her chair to her friend and sat in the tiny umbrella stroller. It was pretty funny cause right when this pic was taken, something snapped! So then Alex and I were able to tease her about breaking it. lol

Hahaha! I totally didn't even see Alex's face when I took this! Sooo funny!

The three oldest (Amber, Logan, and Jade) had to sit on the floor but here's the rest of the kiddos.


Okay - so I didn't take very many pictures. But we went swimming a lot and I helped Tai organize her girls' toys/clothes and we went shopping almost every day (haha Tai!). Other than that, Alex and I spent the weekend hacking Tai's facebook page and writing random status's - which she was quick to delete. Boo! But it was fun trying anyways. =)

Picture Catch-Up

Here's some randoms from June and the first half of July:
Just like Paisley at this age, Shyla loves putting herself to bed when she's sleepy!

She also loves picking out "moofoos" to watch

Cute sisters in matching dresses

Shyla's first ice cream cone! I think she liked it...

Amber cutting fabric to sew Paisley pajama pants for her birthday

David dancing with his two littlest girls. Dunno what Amber and Jade are doing.....

Amber found this not-so-baby bird living in our orange tree. Isn't it cute??

An early birthday present for Paisley! She got her own pink Kindle Fire! She was so funny later on - she came to me and said, "Mom, I love my new pink Kindle Fire - but I really wanted  sparkles on it...." So after her nap she helped me glue rhinestones on it and now she LOVES it! 

Amber's hope chest before and after recovering the top