Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Here's several FUN videos! Enjoy!

#1 - Paisley loves to dance. Anytime she hears any type of music (and even when there's no music and she just wants to boogie) she squeals and dances her tiny heiny off. =)

#2 - David's fun skit he did with his friends in our ward. I hit a button by accident on my camera about 2/3 through and it stopped recording. Boo! But what I did get it pretty great!

#3 - Amber's piano solo at our ward's talent show. She did pretty good considering it was a new song. No wrong notes, just a bit of hesitation. I'm so proud of her for being so brave and wanting to share her talent!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Long Post, No Pictures

This is probably going to be long and boring for 99% of whoever reads it, but I just wanted (needed) to type. But, I DID warn you with the title. =p This past week or two have been pretty uneventful. That's basically why there haven't been many new posts. Cause there's really not much worth blogging about. So what in the world have we been doing? Hmmm.....
I've been sewing more lately. After finishing Jade's Ariel costumes and her "special birthday" dress, I made Amber two dresses for spring/summer - she's outgrown nearly all her dresses, two dresses for Paisley, a pretty pink cape for Rai's bday, and a skirt for a friend's bday. Next up, I sold another formal dress on ebay for a teenager going on a cruise with her family next month, I'm sewing an apron and chef's hat for my cute niece (along with another bday surprise), then Easter dresses for my girls and myself. I'm headed to Joann's on Thursday for patterns and fabric for everything but Easter dresses. I have everything I need for those already. What else......?
Our pool turned a nice shade of pond green after the spring "storms" we had. But I bought the chemicals I needed today, vacuumed and backwashed several times, dumped it all in, and now it's blue again. Paisley had fun following me around the pool pretending to throw things in just to get a reaction from me. Turkey.
While we're (well, I.....) on the subject of Pie, I've been actively potty training her for the past two days. It wasn't really my idea - it was purely hers. Yesterday morning she just out of the blue started telling me she needed to go potty. And every time she sat on her potty, she peed. And her diaper was dry in between, too! So today I got a package of the cheapest pull-ups I could find, and she kept that dry all morning. Just to see how she would do, I took off the pull-up after her nap and just put a diaper cover on her buns and told her they were big girl panties. And my happy-to-be-big girl kept it dry the whole afternoon! Woohoo! I guess we'll see how long this lasts, but I'm really hoping it lasts forever. Now if only I could find teeny tiny panties to fit on her teeny tiny bum...... (she still wears her old 6-12mo diaper covers under dresses that didn't come with one) *I just came back from checking on her cause she was crying in bed - I picked her up, she said, "potty" so I took her to the bathroom, her pull-up is dry, and she peed in her potty almost immediately after I sat her on it. Yay! =D
Okay, moving on. I did a new puzzle last night/this morning. It took a long time cause there's bunches of flowers all over the darn thing! But it was fun cause it's a hidden objects puzzle. And yes, I found all the hidden objects. lol But then I got upset cause when Paisley was in her naughty-baby mode, and I was not in the room, she climbed up onto a chair and tore it apart throwing handfuls of pieces on the floor. And the second I found her, she got the guiltiest look on her face, jumped down, and ran away......giggling. Grrrr!!!
I'm trying to think if I've left anything out...... YES! I did. Our ward's Young Women had a Girl's Camp Fundraiser ward activity variety show. Amber played the piano - a different song, and David participated with choice elder's quorum friends. I actually have videos of both of these and will post them tomorrow at some point. The bishopric had a HILARIOUS skit! Everyone was dying laughing so hard! I don't have it on video, but I do have a picture I'll post tomorrow as well.
Other than all this, we've all just been living. David's car is still undriveable so I'm still stuck at home most of the time. I get frustrated trying to plan my errands around his busy schedule, but sometimes it comes in handy not having a car so I can't run his errands for him if he's running short on time. So I guess it's a mixed blessing? haha Amber and Jade are doing great in school - they both have straight A's and wonderful comments from their teachers. They had field day last week and they both had lots of fun. The water balloon toss was both their favorite activity. And they enjoyed popsicles for a snack. David is also doing well in school. He has finals next week and then he'll have a break from school till the 18th. We're planning a trip to Cali on the 14-17th. Hoping to take the girls to Disneyland for the first time. And we'll get to see Shelley since she moved there last week. Can't wait!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Why is it that EVERYONE is pregnant but me??? Or if their not pregnant, they just had a brand new baby. Where's mine????

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some Fun We've Been Having

This week has been Spring Break for Amber and Jade and surprisingly, it's been bearable having them home all day. They've had their moments of complete whining boredom breakdowns, but on a whole, we've had a good time. Here's a few pics of what we've been up to:
Paisley and her favorite bear friend

Anytime Pie thinks she's gonna have her picture taken, she quickly runs to this wall and frantically repeats "cheese! cheese! cheese!" until someone takes a picture. Too funny!

David showing us all how creative (and silly!) he is

Jade trying out her new purple bubbles she got for her birthday. They're very pretty - and messy!

My three pretty girls ready for church

Jade got a slip-n-slide for her birthday which we opened up yesterday. All three girls had sooo much fun with it! Pie's telling me the water is "cooooh!" (cold)

Hahaha! This picture makes me laugh! Jade has no idea she's about to be hit in the face with the pad!

It took a bit of convincing to keep Raphael off the slide. And also some insturctions for Amber and Jade to figure out how to slide. Guess it's just not instinct for children to run, jump, and land on their bellies.....

Cute baby LOVES water!

I'm guessing this slide didn't work out like she had planned

She almost made it all the way!
Umm....not sure what Jade was trying to draw here cause her people usually actually look like people.

And I'm not sure why Amber's drawing boobs on people now. Hmmm.....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jaders!

Yesterday my sweet baby Jade turned 7! Time flies waaaay too fast! Lucky girl had 2 parties this year - one with friends and another with family. Her friend party was Saturday and it turned out great! She had an "art" party and everything was rainbows and, well, art. We had several projects to do, snacks, a rainbow cake, and presents! All the girls had a wonderful time.

Last night, Zach and Tai brought their kiddos over to help celebrate Jade's real birthday. We had hot dogs and fruit for dinner, chocolate cake for dessert, and more presents to open. The kids all got along pretty well - thankfully (haha) - and they ended up staying till after 9:30pm. Dominoes can be so addicting.....

Happy Birthday, Jaders! We sure love you tons! =)

Monday, March 7, 2011

White Tanks

Saturday morning we joined Zach and Tai on a fun hike in the White Tanks. Growing up in the east valley, I've hiked Superstition Mountains more times than I can count, but had never even heard of the White Tank Mountains till we lived in Buckeye. The weather was just gorgeous outside and David had suggested going to a spring training baseball game to enjoy the outdoors. But Zach called and said they were going hiking and I convinced David to change plans. I'd soooo much rather go on a hike than to a baseball game. Especially with all the girls. The hike was pleasant and easy - Paisley walked part of the way up without complaint and Amber and Jade had fun walking with their cousins. The trail took us to a "waterfall". More like a "watertrickle". lol It IS Arizona afterall.... Tai told me the water was much higher last year, which is sad, but also expected. We don't really get much rainfall in the first half of the year here. But there was enough water left for a small pool and the water was still trickling down the mountain. David wanted to climb up to see what was on top. He had quite an audience, too! One guy waited to see if he would make it, and when he did, the guy followed David up. haha And then Amber wanted up, too, so David helped her. By the time they were ready to come down, there were at least 10-15 people watching to see if he would make it down with Amber without falling into the pool. And despite some catcalls (Zach!), David made it down - with Amber on his back - perfectly dry!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hardworking Jaders

Jade has always been a very good worker. I've given her jobs to do and no matter how big/hard it may seem, she'll just keep on working till she's done. One of Amber and Jade's jobs is the dishes. They alternate weeks to scrub and load. I love it when it's Jade's week to scrub. The dishes could be piled high in the sink and all over the counter, and I won't hear a single complaint from her. And she doesn't take breaks after every dish. lol Such a good girl!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Park Day!

It's been absolutely GORGEOUS outside this past week! And I've been mildly grouchy. This has a lot to do with the fact I'm stuck at home 90% of the time with no car cause David's car has issues and is out of commision for the time being. So he has no choice but to take mine to work and school. Plus, the times I absolutely HAVE to have the car (grocery shopping, bank, blah, blah, blah....) he ends up coming along. And I love David. Tons. He's a great husband/father/friend and makes me laugh and knows me better than any other person in the world. But......I really really really don't like shopping with him. Cause everything I put in the cart is questioned. But he's allowed to just dump whatever in. Or if I go to Joann's, he keeps up this nonstop chatter about nothing that makes my brain foggy and I start feeling physically ill so we end up leaving with only 1/2 the supplies I needed. And what makes it worse is that I KNOW for a fact he does it on purpose to get out of shopping - at Joann's and in general. Naturally, my first question then is WHY does he insist on coming along if he hates running errands so badly? It's cause he loves me. And can't handle being without me around. Sweet - obnoxiously sweet. Cause how can I possibly argue with that? So time after time we end up running errands together and time after time I get annoyed at his successful attempts at annoying me (haha) and all this makes me GROUCHY!! Poor Amber and Jade have been my most frequent targets of my grouchiness lately so to make it up to them, we went to the park yesterday. The girls had fun running, climbing, jumping, and sliding. Amber took my camera towards the end and Jade had fun being a weirdo the whole way home. She's such a silly girl! Paisley was fascinated with the sand. Yay, sand.... Haha.