Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hair Color

I colored my hair last night. Well, technically Tai did. I like it. A lot. This is the first time I've gone darker red. I've tried blonde which doesn't work very well cause the red in my hair won't lighten. I've tried dark nut-brown which turned my hair green because the red won't un-redden. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - right? So this time, I embraced the red and just went darker. And it's funny cause the copper in my natural haircolor still didn't dye. Nope. Just the blonde did. So the blonde is now dark red and the copper is still copper. Makes it look like natural highlights. It doesn't make my skin look weird since I already have naturally red hair which goes perfectly well with my complexion. I finally found a color that works. So yay! =)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

One More

One more for tonight and I'm all caught up.
Sweet Paisley snuggling her bull.
Listening to music with Amber
Amber's new room
Jade's own room. Just rearranged in here a bit.

Girls and Ipods

She doesn't do much till the end...but I LOVE when Jade "sings" songs she doesn't know the words to. Especially when she has earphones in so you can't hear how the song is really supposed to sound. Haha!

Graduation Videos

Walking down the aisle to the stage

This one was sooo cute! Unfortunately, we didn't realize it and pull the camera out fast enough to capture much. Just know it was adorable.

Jade's Kindergaren Graduation

Well, I'm a bit late posting, but I'm doing it now. Jade officially graduated Kindergarten on Thursday. Gooo, Jade! She did excellent in her first year of school. She learned to read, write, sound out tricky words, count, and simple addition. Jade won Student of the Month 3 times! Once at WestPark in Buckeye and twice here in Peoria! Hahaha! We just laughed and laughed when she brought home the third. She didn't even know about it and thought it was an "extra" from the office. But the second was marked "February" and the third said "April" so I guess they just really liked her. Anyways, her graduation was cute. The kindergarteners each made their own graduation caps to wear. Jade was a little sad they weren't allowed to toss them in the air like they do in movies. They sang a few cute songs. Then they were called one by one on stage to recieve their "diploma". Cute, cute.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swim Videos

Paisley playing fetch with Daddy. Every time she got all the rings in, she clapped and said, "Aaayyy!" So cute!

A month ago, Jade couldn't swim to save her life! Even the thought of putting her face in the water reduced her to hysterics. But with some work, look how far she's come! Goooo, Jade! My goal for the rest of the summer is to improve her form, get her floating on her back, and pick up rings from the bottom.

Here's Amber. She's been swimming for 2 summers now. But....she's always held her nose. Now she's not. This past month I've taught her to blow a slow trickle of air out her nose to block water coming in. We've also been working on swimming "down" to touch the bottom with her hand. The rest of the summer we'll be working on picking stuff up from the bottom, better swim form, freestyle, and back floating. Fun!

Amber's School Concert

Amber had her last concert at school Thursday evening. After dinner at Red Robin, we rushed home so the girls could hop in the shower and Amber could get ready for her concert. She did a great job and looked so cute up on the stage singing her heart out! Afterwards, we went to Dairy Queen to celebrate. Everyone but Paisley enjoyed it. Poor baby was worn out! And the fact she doesn't like ice cream didn't help..... Luckily, David hadn't been able to stay and eat with us earlier so he ordered food and shared his fries with her. What a nice Daddy! =)

If you don't know which one is Amber, she's standing in the front row....second one in.

Like her 'do? We call it her "mad scientist" look. And you can see her third bottom tooth in this picture. She also has her top two teeth mostly in now. Well - one is in and the other is just starting.

Amber's favorite song

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Family Outing

Today we met up with Alex, Onya, Zach, Tai, and all the kiddos at the Phoenix Zoo. We had a lot of fun walking around! I let Amber and Jade take turns with my camera. Mmmm....they took some pretty cool pictures with it! Hahaha! I have a special folder on my computer where I put all their masterpieces so they don't get sad (because otherwise I would just delete them all.....) when they ask to look at them and uh...I don't know where they went! Lol I'll spare you the really really random ones. But I'll post the "good" ones and you can see what "good" means when it comes to my kid's picture-taking skills!
See the monkey run?
See the monkey in the bush?
Peek-a-boo Iguana! I see you!
Here we see Jade and Logan hopefully avoiding the mud...
Umm... This is Jade. And her Daddy - sorta.
See the tortoise stretch his neck through the fence? Mmmm....tasty cactus!
I actually took this one and most of the rest following. Here's a fun Carousel picture!
And here's Jade on the Carousel
Paisley's first shoulder ride
Fun family picture! Love it!

After the zoo, we all decided we weren't quite done having fun together. So we went to Red Robin for "dinner". We sure had a great day with family!
Funny faces!
Biiiiiig bite!
Cute baby!

Random Fun

Here's some fun pictures for your entertainment! Enjoy!
Jade making lunch
Sweet baby fell asleep snuggling her Daddy
Same sweet baby being not-so-sweet!
Pie playing with Milo
Amber and Jade helping with dinner
Look what she can do!!!

We've been having lots of fun lately and I can't wait till school is out! Then we can really have fun all day long! And on the not-so-fun days....I can put my older two to work and get the house in order in no time. I'm sure they're excited for that.... Hahaha! Too bad they don't have much choice! I'm really glad we have a pool in the backyard. I really can't wait to take advantage of that! And I'm really really hoping and praying I can save enough $$ to take the girls to Virginia this summer to visit my mom and Kevin. We miss them soooo much!!

To finish off this fun picture filled blog post....I have a couple fun videos for you! Yay!

This is fun. Raphael is constantly trying to come inside! I can't figure it out cause it's not even hot out lately and my AC isn't it's really about the same inside as it is outside. Guess he just really likes people and cats?

Saved the best for last. Don't mind my "Mom" know you use it, too! Anyways - impressed?? Maybe just a little? Hmmm....well we are! =)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Years

Holy crap! It's been almost exactly 10 years since I graduated high school. Thinking about it makes me feel a bit old....but it's a good old. Maybe. A lot has happened over the years.... (here comes the nostalgia - you've been warned!)

Senior Picture
2000 Graduation
Met this guy. =) Married December 2000
Had this funny baby.  Amber Lynnae 1/29/2002
Had this other sleepy baby. Jade Carole 3/14/2004
Moved to Hawaii in August 2005
Went walking on lava in July 2007
Moved back to Arizona 2008
Had lots of family fun
Had another sweet baby. Paisley Joanne 8/1/2009
Had fun in Las Vegas
My oldest baby was baptized 2/6/2010
We said goodbye to my Dad
And we've been enjoying the cool of the pool ever since.

As you can see, we've had an eventful 10 years. Lots and lots of fun times, a few sad and tough times, but nothing I would ever change. I've learned and grown so much over the years as I've faced trials and have had to put my trust in my Heavenly Father. I love my wonderful family so very much and am grateful for all David does for me.