Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6 Months Already??

How is my baby already 6 months old?? Time really does fly by so quickly. Here's what my sweet girl can do:
Shyla can -
- sit up on her own
- say "mama"
- grab everything and shove it into her mouth (she especially loves chewing on flip flops - eww!)
- smiles at everyone, but definately recognizes her immediate family members
- smack your face in greeting

Shyla likes -
- to be thrown in the air
- to be tickled
- to be blown on
- to eat!
- kisses and hugs
- clean diapers =)
- the cats and ferret
- water, whether it's in the pool or in the tub
Shyla's 6mo stats:
27.5in long = 95%
15lbs 6oz = 40%

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cabin Fun

This past week I took the girls up to Jami's cabin for some fun in the mountains. David wasn't able to come as he had serves to do, but maybe next time. We had a great time with Jami doing lots of crafts, riding quads and trucks, going for walks, and hanging out around the cabin. Enjoy the pics!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun Stuff

Yeah, we keep ourselves entertained around here:
Shyla has officially mastered sitting up!

I think Paisley loves Daisy...

Night swimming! 

Shyla made a new friend =)

Happy Father's Day

Sadly, this year David had to work on his special day. So we made his whole week special instead! On Monday, we got him this:

On Tuesday, he got this:

On Thursday, we gave him this:

On Friday, I made his favorite dinner - steak, roasted potatoes, and green beans.
On Saturday, the girls did this:

We girls sure appreciate you, David! You are such a great Daddy. Your girls just adore you. I love seeing their eyes light up when you walk in the room and I love watching you play with them. Thank you for all you do! =)

Friday, June 15, 2012


This morning, we dropped David's car off to get some work done on it and on the way back home, David asked if I had any ideas on what to do today. I suggested a hike. It took awhile to get going, but away we went! But first, David gave Jade and Paisley a ride on his Harley. After sitting on our carport for a year and 1/2, we finally got it all fixed up, registered, insured, and street legal yesterday. It needed a new battery, to be flushed, fuel injector cleaner, new front tire, oil change, and a really good scrub. But it's soooo pretty again now!

For our hike, we headed west to the White Tank Mountains "Waterfall Trail". There was no waterfall, but there was shade and a cool breeze. David, Jade, and Paisley had fun climbing up the dry waterfall while Amber freaked out about the handful of wasps flying around (none of which even stopped to inspect her...) and Shyla cooled down with a bottle of juice.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Girly Photo Shoot

I can only convince David to take family pictures with a smile once a year for Christmas cards (which he also thinks are pointless). But I like to get fresh pics of my girls in the spring/summer as well. Last year I got lucky cause David came along for the girls' photo shoot and ended up appearing in some as well. This year, however, he was working. So it was strictly a girls only session. They all turned out soooo beautiful! Thanks again to my talented friend, Allison! Here's a few of my favorites:

June Fun

Here's what we've been doing:
Shyla is soooo close to crawling! She can definately get around a room, but mostly going sideways or backwards. She's also discovered the magic of "mama". Everytime those sweet little syllables come out of her mouth, very good things happen! =)

Our white trash grill. lol It's an oven rack.

Papa and Uncle Alex came to play with us for an afternoon last week!

I gave Amber and Jade several warnings about their room - which were largely ignored - so I packed up all their toys until we move. My advice to them? Just pretend you don't see anything!


Just in case we don't have enough mouths to feed already, David and the girls begged and begged to bring a ferret home from the mall last week. I was against it, but decided since David's the one working to earn our family's income, he should have a say in what we use it for. So I caved. Meet Daisy. She's actually pretty sweet and fun. She doesn't mind Paisley torturing playing with her and hasn't bitten anyone out of meaness. I'm in love with the way she lopes around the house and hops when she's startled or in a pouncy kind of mood. And even though she herself is stinky, her waste is not.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

End of May Randoms

Just what the title says:
 I know it looks like she doesn't like it, but after the initial shock of cold wears off, Shyla loves the water!
 Chubby baby in a swimsuit looks even chubbier. lol
 Paisley forgot how to swim. =( I'll have to work with her...

What mornings look like. These are my two early risers.