Saturday, January 30, 2010

Amber's Friend Party

Today Amber had her "Friend Party". It was a little disappointing because only 1 of her friends was able to make it. Her cute friend Regan from our ward (she's the bishop's daughter!) came and we also invited her older sister Taylee to stay as well. They ended up having a lot of fun. We had pizza, had a candy hunt, decorated cupcakes, opened a present, had ice cream cake, and then they spent the rest of the time playing Super Mario Bros Wii.

Ice cream cake! I just really suck at layering.....I should work on that.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Paisley Pie is Growing Growing Growing!

Learning about electronics

Reading a book

Coming straight for me!

Getting closer!

Trying to reach the camera

Slightly grumpy cause she can't get it

Amber's 8!

Well, today Amber turned 8 years old! Lucky girl is getting 3 parties this year! First, her Papa, Uncle Zach, Aunt Tai, and cousins came on Monday. We had taco salad for dinner with Cake and ice cream for dessert. Then today, I made scrambled eggs, hash browns, and toast for breakfast. After school, Grandpa, Nana, and Van came over to help celebrate her real birthday. Celeste was also here and we had lots of fun! We had parmesan chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, and breadsticks (Amber and Jade made the breadsticks!) for dinner and homemade donuts for dessert. Yum!

Amber got her very own scriptures with her name on them!

She also got a locket with a picture of her family inside

Grandma and Bobo sent her a Littlest Pet Shop Playset

Grandpa and Nana gave her another Littlest Pet Shop Playset! Good thing it was a different one! Hahaha!
And lots of little creatures to play with!

Her last party is tomorrow morning. She's having a friend's party. We're having pizza, decorating giant pink cupcakes, having a candy hunt, and I even made an ice cream cake! Chocolate cake with Mint Chip ice cream! Look for more pics coming up!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sometimes I Impress Myself

Look! Two days in a row! And I've actually accomplished a few things today as well! Woohoo! Just don't expect this to keep happening.... I probably won't post anything tomorrow. Today my 3yr old niece Celeste came over to stay with us till Friday. She's a happy cheerful little thing and Amber and Jade enjoy playing with her. The girls were still at school when Celeste got here and she really wanted to play in the backyard but I told her she had to wait till Amber and Jade came home from school. So the second they walked through the door, she was on them and begging to go outside. I convinced the girls it would be fun to go out and play and they did have fun until I came outside, took a few pictures, asked what they were playing, and then all the sudden it wasn't fun anymore. Yeah....I'm the "Fun Destroyer" (that's what Amber called me today).Here's Jade listening for danger while Amber fights a bad-guy

Now Amber's showing me her "talkie-thingy" while Jade's blasting a bad-guy with her cool laser

Looks like Amber's got the bad-guy all tied up!

This has nothing to do with playing "Spy", I just thought it was too cute not to add. She's literally climbing over my shoulder to get to David and the chocolate bar! Cute kid.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I don't know what my problem has been lately....but I think I've come down with a major case of laziness. I have so many things and projects to work on, but absolutely no desire to do them. Blah. Well, I'm officially forcing myself to get off my butt and get caught up on things. First, Paisley made it through the chickenpox like a trooper. No random, unexplained crankiness, no fevers, no loss of appetite or extra sleepiness....nothing. Just some spots that scabbed over and are gone now. And as the spots disapeared, 2 new little spots appeared in her mouth. That's right - Paisley's got teeth! And she didn't even complain about those coming in either! What a good baby!She's sooo happy! Can you see her little tiny teeth??
She's happy cause she knows she's about to be fed. It's her favorite time of day. But she's still around 20% for weight, so let her eat!

For the rest of the things I've actually gotten done, I have no pictures cause I was too lazy to go get the camera from the other room and take a stinkin picture. I will get around to it....maybe tomorrow. Or not. Amber and Jade's room has been painted. I (and my Dad and Jami) painted it a nice creamy yellow. Pale enough to be deemed a neutral color by the home owner (this means we don't have to paint it back to white before we move!). Yellow enough to satisfy my need for color. Their old blue desk has been painted a fresh apple green along with an old shelf of mine. Pictures and curtains have been hung and their room is DONE. For now anyways. Eventually I'll get them matching bedspreads....but that'll have to be pretty far in the future. There's too many other things higher up on the priorities list.
Paisley's room is also done. I didn't paint hers cause the white was still white and not grungy like the girls' room was. I did buy her very nice and heavy energy-saving curtains in black with pink sheers to go underneath. And I also convinced David to hang her chandeliers up. Her room is very girly and pink. =)
I promised Jade a new dress a month ago and finally got around to starting it today. I got most of it done....only have the sleeves and buttons left....and would have finished but Paisley needed her mom today. I really need to start on Amber's baptism dress as she's being baptized on the 6th of Feb. But I figure I have all next week and it's really not that hard of a dress. So tomorrow I shall finish Jade's and maybe get Amber's cut out.
That's pretty much it. Amber turns 8 on Friday and she's having a party on Saturday. She's being baptized next Saturday and I want to have the living room painted before then. So I guess no more lazies for me. At least for the next 2 weeks anyways.....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Pictures of My "Chickenspot" Baby

Poor Paisley has broken out with more and more spots these last few days. She still doesn't seem to mind at all; her temperment and appetite haven't changed and she hasn't had a fever either. But since she keeps getting more spots, I've been confined to the house with her. I can't even walk the girls to school. David came home early today though so I was able to meet them at the stop sign. They were happy about that. =)Please excuse the food all over her. She just ate. Oh, I got her smiling cause Amber's making faces at her. Paisley really really loves Amber. She thinks her biggest sister is hilarious. =)
Don't you just love her cute diaper??? I do!!

Amber has really enjoyed having empty boxes around the house. I really like this "barn" she made. Notice the window with curtains. And if you're wondering what the thing on top is, it's a satellite dish. "Just like our house!" I love her creativity!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chickenpox Baby

Yes. The title does in fact tell you exactly what this post is about. Poor baby Paisley has the chickenpox. Luckily, she has had no fever and doesn't seem to even notice at all. She continues to be the happiest person in the family (until about 4-4:30pm that is!) and I must say her little spots are quite cute. =) So far she has 5 on her head, 1 on her neck, 4 on her belly, one on her hip, and 2 on her thighs. I'm still nursing though so I figure my antibodies will help her little self fight of the evil chickenpox-ness (it's totally a word!). You can see 3 on the top of her belly by her ribs.

And on this one you can see just a few on her head and the other on her belly at the edge of the picture. Her neck spot is hidden under her chin rolls.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The First of 2010 Pics

Finally bought a highchair. It's nothing was $35 at Walmart. But it's not a jumper so Paisley can't bounce excitedly while I'm trying to feed her. And don't let her fool you with the bottle. I filled it Monday and the picture was taken today (Saturday). I've tried every day this week to get her to drink it and she refuses. See how her mouth is wide open? She's playing.

What is it that happens the nanosecond before the shutter is pressed to take a picture of my smiling baby? I look at her, she smiles, I take the picture, and this is what I get. Hmmmm....

Sweet Baby Paisley being a ham

Snuggling her elephant

Umm...Thanks Amber! =)

Amber decorating the dollhouse

The playroom

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Basketball Fun

Another fun thing about the new house is it has a basketball hoop in the driveway! This is good for Amber and David as they both love basketball and playing together. Jade isn't such a big fan of playing, but she does enjoy cheering! Amber's getting better at shooting and can make baskets if she really concentrates. She also getting a lot better at dribbling! David made me play her and she kept stealing the ball from me. It's really not saying much though cause I suck at any sort of sport. Let's just say that Amber and I were probably pretty well matched! Hahahaha!