Saturday, January 22, 2011


Someday, I WILL have a pool like this. Don't know how, or when, but I almost entirely insist upon it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January So Far

We've done a lot of fun things so far this month. And I've been super busy (and some lazy) so my poor blog has been neglected lately. Sorry! Here's to a fresh start!
First fun thing that happened: Jade lost a tooth! It's only her second one, so it's still pretty exciting for her. This baby was quite ready to come out. I flicked it twice and out it popped! Easy peasy. And even though it didn't hurt one single bit, Jade sure put up a fuss for the next 10min or so AFTER it was out! Oh, Jaders!

Next up: Paisley and I went to a fun park for L's birthday party! There were a bunch of cute little rides for the kiddos, but Pie wanted nothing to do with them. I went on the teacup ride with her, and she screamed. I took her on the carousel, found a little horse for her to sit on, and the second it moved, she screamed and sat on my lap. I took her on the train, and she nearly fell asleep. And then I forced her onto the cars with her cute friends, and she screamed the whole time. Hahaha! This one is NOT into rides! Oh, well.
While eating lunch, dozens of pigeons came to join us. Most of the kids were more interested in chasing the birds than eating - Paisley included! She sure got a kick out of all the birds!

Numero tres: We spent the entire week last week cleaning/painting our home in Buckeye to get it ready for new tenants. There was a LOT to do! We ended up painting pretty much every single wall in the house including all the baseboards, trimming, and doors. We patched holes, made some repairs, did a buttload of landscaping, and hung a couple new doors. Oh my gosh! This is the reason I was soooo exhausted by the end of the week! Now I'm jealous how nice that house looks and how crappy this one is right now. It's seriously depressing. lol

Not quite last: To celebrate finishing the work on the Buckeye house in time, we went to Chuck-E-Cheese! So much fun! We all had a blast. 'Nuff said. =)
After that, we had ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I gave Paisley a spoon and she just helped herself to everyone's ice cream. And eventually took over David's cone. I love how toddler's eat.

Last thing: It was warm today. And I snapped a pic of Amber and Jade playing on the porch. Super! haha

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm tired. Exhausted, really. I'm gonna go soak in a hot bath till I look like a prune. Then I'm going to bed. I'll blog something real maybe on Saturday. Maybe. If I'm less tired....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve

Sure hope this year's better than last..... lol
Last night we unfortunately had to spend the holiday all alone as no one was able to come celebrate with us. Boo! At least we all like each other and had a fun time anyways! After Pie went to bed, we bundled up, went outside, and had fun with sparklers around a nice warm fire in the firepit. I was super nice and let the girls pig out on whatever goodies they wanted. I made some spritz cookies (4 doz and only 1 doz survived the night!) and hot chocolate to try and stay warm. We watched Shrek 4, Amber and Jade took a nice hot bath then watched Toy Story. And at 11:20pm, Jade came and found me and begged to just go to bed. Poor girl! After I put her to bed, I went to check on Amber - and found her sleeping, too! So neither girl made it all the way to midnight this year. Oh well! =) They both set goals for the year - Jade wants to improve at drawing animals and Amber's gonna work on controlling her emotions (especially her temper/attitude!). I'm working on being a more patient mom, and David says he's going to help me with my resolution. Uh, thanks Dave!


Sparkler Power!!