Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Every Wednesday, Katie and I take turns cooking dinner at my house. This week, not only did Katie make some delicious stuffed french toast, but we carved pumpkins afterwards! One of my favorite Halloween activities! 

Creepy Katie with a big knife!

Shyla ran and got her own knife to carve her pumpkin. Cutie girl!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trunk or Treat

One thing I absolutely love about our church is the ward parties. Specifically, Fall Festival. I LOVE Halloween and having a Fall Festival is another reason to dress up in our costumes and have a good time with friends! This year, Katie and I decided to coordinate our families get-up. We all dressed up as Indians and they were cowboys/girls. Lol!
Paisley loves playing with my fabric scraps

My cute little Indian girls

Here, fishy fishy! 

Bobbing for donuts. Paisley's a cheater!

Brylee and Paisley

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tolmacoff Farms

Saturday, Alex and his kids, us, and my BFF Katie and her family all went to have fun at Tolmacoff Farms. We went first thing in the morning (good thing, too, cause even though it was crowded while we were there, when we were leaving, the line to get in was looooong!) and enjoyed the cool day.
Kamden and Shyla playing the dry corn kernals

This huge trampoline things was awesome! David kept stealing the kids' bounce. It was hilarious to see every single child around him just drop like flies!

This cute little piggy made me want a tiny baby piggy, too!

By far, the fattest goat I've ever seen!

Walking through the corn maze.

After our fun at the farm, we went home for a pizza lunch, relaxing afternoon, and movie night (Croods) outside with the projector. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

True Story

Wednesday I got a ticket.
I was driving with my friend Katie. We were going to SAS for cheap ribbon/lace/taffeta. We passed a motorcycle cop in the median and I was telling her about the last time I was pulled over - back when I was pregnant with Paisley (I just got a warning that day). Then I saw lights behind me so I told Katie I was going to pull over to let him by. He followed me. So I pulled over knowing I wasn't speeding and didn't miss a red light or stop sign. He approached my van cautiously and seemed somewhat tense. I rolled down the passenger window - that's the side he was on - and he asked me if I knew the registration was expired. I honestly had no clue and told him so. He then asked me if I knew the person the vehicle is registered to. I thought was an interesting question and said, "Yes. It's either myself or my husband." He had me name my husband, and once I said, "David Cresap", he visibly relaxed. Apparently I look like the kind of car thief who would not only steal a minivan, but one with expired tags as well!
Anyways, like I said, my tags were expired.
In July.
Of 2012.
Yeah.....over a year ago.
I swear I never received a notice to renew them either in the mail or via email. I've always been very good about our tags!
So Wednesday evening I got onto the computer to renew my registration. I needed emission testing done. Oh for crying out loud! Thursday I went to do the testing. And failed. I need a new gas cap.
Here's where I stand at this moment:
     1. Get a gas cap
     2. Go back and do emissions testing again (for free this time)
     3. Pay for 2 years worth of registration fees
     4. Pay for my $133 ticket.
Soooo LAME!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sewing Days

Here's the fruits of my labors from the past month-ish. =)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Decorations!

I really feel like this house needs to be decked out seasonally, so I cleared off our mantel and put out what little Halloween decor I have. I will definitely be going shopping Nov 1st to add to my stash! Here's what I have so far:
Shyla was scared of this spider for awhile. Now she just giggles every time I make the spider legs touch her face/head/arms/legs. 

Jade is sitting in the wood pile. David, Shyla, and I are holding hands in the middle.

Amber and Paisley are hiding behind the tree (on the far left)

And here's my pretty mantel. I traded sewing for the Witch letters, made the canvas in the middles, and inherited the ghost house on the right from Lila. I love it! =)

Things I plan on adding to my stash - 
     *a really cool Halloween wreath for my front door
     *orange/purple lights
     *maybe some glow-in-the-dark eyeball window stickers to glare at people
     *apothecary jars filled with classic candies
     *tombstones and bones