Sunday, September 16, 2012


This is how we shop:
Gotta try cool masks on at Toys R Us

And go golfing with Dad

Time for exercise! 
Feel the burn, Baby!

Think we're getting Amber the small punching bag for Christmas....

Dinner anyone?

Last stop before ice cream and home =)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

This and That

First up: We got two more ferrets and a bigger cage! Daisy seemed kinda lonely so we (David) scoured craigslist and found a lady selling two ferrets with their cage for $50. We met up with her and now we have 3! Their names were Roxy and Rudy, but Amber and Jade quickly renamed them Cookie and Cream. Cream (Rudy) is a boy and Cookie (Roxy) is a girl. And they were both bone-thin. Like they'd been starved. It was so sad! I'm happy to say they have both put on a little weight in the week they've been here and are much more playful than they started.

Next: I finished Jade's Halloween costume! Two down, four to go! lol Amber's is actually almost done. Just gotta finish her jacket and make her a quick pair of pants.

Last: Amber and Jade had their first cross country meet this morning. Jade was tripped and stepped on in the beginning, but finished strong - running despite the blood on her knee and hand. She placed 52 out of 107! Amber had a great race! She started in the very back at a slow jog to avoid being trampled then worked her way up to the front on the course. She entered the track for the last stretch and sprinted to pass 4-5 girls before finishing 13 out of 78! Way to go, Amber! =)

This is Amber and Jade's favorite way to chill

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

California Weekend!

For Labor Day weekend, we were able to go visit Shelley and her family in California! It was such a welcome break from the heat and everyday life! We kept it a surprise from the girls as long as possible and they didn't truly know where we were headed until we pulled into Shelley's driveway at 10:00 at night (we couldn't leave until David was done with work). The kids had a lot of fun playing together Saturday morning:

When everyone was up, dressed, and fed, we headed out the door to SEAWORLD!!! So. Much. FUN!!! We stayed the whole day, went to almost all the shows, Amber, Jade, and I rode the new Manta coaster, Shelley took the big girls on the Arctic simulator, and no matter where we sat in the stadiums - it was always in the wrong place and missed getting splashed all day long! Booo! Oh, and of course I fried. lol

Sunday was beach day. Shelley and Greg took us to the beach on base - the big girls had fun splashing in the ice cold waves, Paisley enjoyed (literally) rolling in the sand, and Shyla kept herself entertained with eating goldfish off of David. hahaha

We had so much fun! Thanks for letting us stay with you, Shell Bell! Love you! =)