Monday, April 30, 2012

Sidewalk Artists

Well, technically "Driveway Artists" would be more accurate....
Paisley found sidewalk chalk in her Easter basket and was kind enough to share with her big sisters one sunny afternoon.

Our New Home

We put an offer on a house this weekend! I'm so sooooo excited and hope the bank accepts our offer quickly so we can close on June 7th. We chose that date because it's after the cutoff for payment being due July 1st. So we wouldn't have our first payment until August 1st. =)
The house we are trying to buy is a 4 bedroom/3.5 bath house on 1.2 acres with a diving pool and basketball court outside. There is a full basement with 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, an office, and family room with a fireplace. The master bedroom is on the main floor along with the kitchen/dining, Arizona room, laundry room/pantry, 2.5 bathrooms, and living room with another fireplace. There's an enclosed courtyard in the front of the house and a HUGE patio in the back. It definately needs new floors and LOTS of paint, but other than that, it's in pretty decent shape. I'm sure we'll eventually replace doors (I super hate the dumb flat doors!), faucets, lighting fixtures, etc. And we're considering knocking a few walls down, but for the most part it'll fit our family just perfectly!

Btw - it's listed at 1800sqft, but it's actually somewhere around 2300-2500. Also, we didn't offer the asking price. We offered a little bit less because of what will need to be done before we can even move in (flooring, paint, appliances).

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Best Buddies

These two girls really do just love each other. Paisley is good about being careful with Shyla and she's very defensive for her, too. If Shyla's taking a nap and you talk "too loud", Paisley is quick to shush you and tell you not to wake up Shyla. If Harley is barking, she'll tell him to shush and don't wake Shyla. If the cats are playing with something noisy, she'll snatch it away and tell them to be quiet so they don't wake Shyla. It's pretty cute.

4 Months

Baby Shyla hit 4 months on Thursday. She's growing waaaay too fast! Already wearing some 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers... so sad. Here's what she's been up to:
- working on rolling from her tumy to her back. She's done it several times, just not super easily yet.
- grabbing EVERYTHING and shoving it straight into her mouth
- pulling her binky out and then trying to put it back in (which hasn't worked out for her a single time)
- giggling, smiling, and talking to anyone who will give her any kind of attention
- she can scoot and turn circles while on her tummy
- sleeping 10+ hours at night

Shyla is such a joyful baby! We all just love her!
4 month stats:
14lbs 9oz = 60%
26in = 97%

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun With Shelley

Last Thursday, Shelley came to visit for a couple days! It was so good to see her again! And even though we didn't really do anything, it was fun just to visit and hang out. One thing we DID do was take the kids to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch on Friday. Pulled Amber and Jade out of school just before lunchtime and had lots of fun!

Sewing Projects

Here's 3 dresses I've made for Shyla in the past week:
Made this one from one of David's shirts

LOVE the ruffle-bum panties!

I'm making a matching dress for Paisley. Neither Amber or Jade were instrested in a cow dress/skirt though. Sad.

Monday, April 9, 2012


What a wonderful Easter Sunday we had yesterday! Paisley was the first of the kids to wake up and was so excited to see her basket full of goodies at her spot on the table. Jade came out awhile later, wished me a Happy Easter, then sat on the couch. I had to remind her of her basket! lol Then Amber did the exact same thing! know your kids are getting old when they don't even remember about the Easter Bunny anymore! After a crazy morning trying to get everyone showered and ready for church, baking shortcake and blackberry pie for dessert, and making breakfast and lunch, I took a moment to get a picture of my pretty Easter girls on our way out the door.

We headed to Mesa to have Easter dinner with Jami and Duane. The girls (and Grandma and Grandpa Robertson!) had a fun egg hunt and found a couple $$ in some eggs. Amber and Jade even got special eggs and won cool crafting prizes from Nana! Dinner was delicious and it was fun spending time with family on such a special day.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Super Saturday

We had such a great day yesterday! Even though Paisley spent the day with a lowgrade fever (99.4-100.1), we still had a fun time. We met up with Lila, her fiance David, and his daughter's family at a park for a picnic lunch. The kids all colored eggs, played with Lila's dog, had fun on the playground, and went on an egg hunt. Lila and her David stuffed $1 in every plastic egg, so every kid ended up with $15! How nice is that?? The girls had fun afterwards at Walmart deciding what to buy. Amber was planning on getting a kickball, but decided not to. She ended up buying a small container of mini Chips Ahoy's and Uno. Jade spent her money on sunglasses (Cheetah Girl lol) and a 10 pack of lipgloss. Such a girl. haha Paisley used all her money and bought a 10 pack of playdough and 3 different plastic food sets. We also went to see Mirror, Mirror at the drive-in. Paisley and Amber both fell asleep midway through. I don't know why Amber did - the movie was quite entertaining. And today is Easter! So far Paisley's the only one up....but she discovered her Easter basket pretty quickly! =) Earlier in the week, we recieved a mysterious package from Grandma and Bobo. Inside, the girls found purses filled with Easter treats and toys for each of them! I'm totally gonna be a fun grandma like that someday!

Our New Toy

Last week, David's sister Lila's fiance David (got all that??) called us up to ask if we wanted his pool table. He'd been storing it at a friend's house, but his friend couldn't keep it anymore so it needed a new home. All we'd have to do is pay the movers to move it. Heck yes! We quickly sold our living room furniture to make space and it was delivered on Friday afternoon. And I've discovered that even though I grew up with a pool table and used to be a decent player, apparently it's not quite like riding a bike. I suck at pool. It's shameful how bad I am. lol But like I'm constantly telling Amber and Jade, practice makes perfect!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Totally forgot to post our activities from last Saturday! We drove out to Mesa, met up with Lila, and went to Freestone Park to feed the ducks. So here's a few cute pictures of that:

After feeding the ducks, we wanted to go to Organ Stop Pizza, but when we got there, there was a huge line out the door. So we went to a little pizza place on Center and Main and really liked it! And of course, every time we go to Mesa we get Bahama Bucks on our way home. Wish they'd drift westward.... but I guess if they did, it wouldn't be as big of a treat.

Last Week of March

We've had a pretty great last week of March. I'm sad to see it go.....but am excited for the coming months! First, some pretty great news. Ready for it?? DAVID GOT A JOB!!!!! We are sooooo thrilled that he will be working as a nurse very soon! This means we can finally buy another house. One big enough for all of us and our future little ones. Can't wait! =)
K - back to this past week. First, I LOVE all my girls dressed up for church! They are so beautiful!

This is how Paisley and Shyla spend the morning. Best friends already!

I made these cute dresses for a friend's baby shower. I'm going to make a matching cow dress for Shyla and Paisley. I think they're adorable!

We went to the drive-in on Friday night. The backseat of the van flips backwards. Pretty fun! Shyla just slept pretty much the entire time in her fancy schmancy pack-n-play David bought her. She's the first of all our girls to have a new one! lol

This is my girls and me sitting in the giant circle chair I WILL own someday. Soooo comfy!

We met up with Jami and Dane at As You Wish in Mesa for some painting fun! Can't wait to see how they turn out! Paisley has at least 10 layers of paint on her puppy. She just kept painting it over and over and over. lol David "helped" Jade with her mermaid. I really want to make a giant platter like Jami did sometime. Like really bad. I don't have a big platter. I told David we're going to go there for our anniversary this year and painting plates or something fun.

On our way home, we stopped at Bahama Bucks for our favorite shaved ice. It was funny cause David ordered, "Half pina colada, half pineapple and coconut." The girl responded, "Uh, sorry, but we can actually only do two flavors...." Hahahahaha!!!!! Dave and I about died laughing! Talk about a blonde moment! This morning I woke up super early to Amber yelling, "Jade's puking! She's puking a lot! Jade's puking on the floor!" Yikes! I quickly jumped out of bed and found Jade staning in the middle of the room over a puddle of bright blue barf. Bright blue. Yeah, she had blue raspberry shaved ice last night. It was really, really blue. So that was fun. And that's how our week went! Happy April 1st!