Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Amber's Haircut

Today we took Amber to get her hair cut. I really didn't want to see it go, but it was time. The ends have gotten pretty gross over the last year or so and she wakes up every morning with a big nasty snarl in the back of her head. So....good-bye hair!
Getting started. Note how long her hair is here...
Bye-bye hair! Bye-bye snarls!
Cute girl! No tears this time around!
This is about half the hair on the floor. It looks like a small creature....
Amber really loves her new haircut. And hopefully it will be easier for her to take care of it. No more nasty matted morning hair! I think her new cut makes her look a bit more mature. My baby's growing up!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I was up a 4am yesterday morning giving Paisley a bottle and putting her back to bed. I tried to put myself back to bed....but it didn't work. Instead, I came up with this crazy idea to force Tai to come over and we'd make Rai and Joc Easter dresses with my leftover fabric. But I didn't have a pattern that would work very well. Soooo....I made one up! When Tai and her kids came, I measured both girls and even used pipe cleaners to make the shape of their armpits. =) Tai and I drew up the pattern pieces, got everything cut up, and every piece just fit together perfectly! Until we tried Rai's dress on her. Ummm.....so I forgot to add in seam allowances in my measurements. And apparently that's a really big deal. Hahaha! So because I'm an idiot (which really probably maybe had at least a little to do with being up since 4?? no? fine....) Rai and Joc ended up with Easter skirts. But I learned my lesson and intend to try again. I really really loved my dress's design! Stupid seam allowances! Grrr!

The whole time Tai and I were busy sewing like mad women, the older 4 kids were in the backyard building Tiny (our cat) a home using giant waist-high weeds. They even decorated it for her. And when Tiny was shoved into her new home, she didn't run away. Nope. She curled up, purred, and went to sleep. Such an accomadating kitty!

Easter Girls

Easter falls on General Conference weekend this year, so I dressed the girls in their new Easter dresses for church this morning. They were gorgeous if I do say so myself! And I do!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Good Ones Today!

Last post....
Paisley has FINALLY gotten used to sitting up in the tub! I know this doesn't sound that exciting...but to me it really really is. Cause for the past several months since she's outgrown her infant tub, she'd only let me wash her if she was laying down. She'd splash and babble happy as can be....and the second I would sit her up, poor Paisley would just panic! I'm talkin grabbing at me, desparately tying to drag herself out of the tub, the whole time screaming in sheer terror. I have noooo clue what was going through her little mind. But lately she's been okay with sitting up. Until she props herself up using the side of the tub and slips. Then it's panicky Paisley again. Oh well. At least I got some cute happy bath baby pics! =)

All ready for bed! I love clean babies!

Jade's Jewelry

Jade came home from school not too long ago quite excited. She dangled a baggie full of fun plastic jewelry in my face yelling about buying them at school. Hmmm....I know she doesn't have any money..... She told me she earned 7 Aztec bucks and bought all the jewelry today. David asked if any of the other girls bought some and she said she was the first girl to buy stuff and she got all of it. The other girls had to buy boy stuff. Hahaha! Wow, Jade....that's umm... kind? At least she shared with Amber. What a GIRL!
You should appreciate this, Tai - Jade says the big pink ring on her right hand (over Amber's shoulder) looks "just like Aunt Tai's pretty ring"

3 sets of earrings

32 (I think...) rings

Fun Girl's Lunch

Today Paisley and I met up with Tai, her kids and Lila for lunch at The Island Burgers. Soooo yummy!
Thanks, Lila!
Paisley reading the menu
Lila and Tai's girls

Thanks sisters for a great time! Sure enjoyed our visit! =)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Couple Randoms

This is what happens when you jump on a bed and hit your head on the fan....twice in one day! Oh, Jade....

I think we're in for a lot of trouble.....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Girl

"Hi, Daddy!"

"Gimme kisses!"

"Please let me out, Mommy!"

Nothin better than tearing chunks off a magazine and eating them!

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeeee!!!

Last night for my birthday David took me to Carver's for dinner. It was majorly expensive....but soooo good! We tried lamb chops for the first time and found them quite yummy. And then he did this to me..... Yeah, I'm pretty much a dork. =)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jaders!

Today is a special day for my cute Jaders. 6 years ago, my sweet little Jade joined our family. I'm so proud of her and her kind, compassionate personality. She's always the first to share with anyone and the first to volunteer her help around the house. Jade is the very best snuggler in our family. We sure love you, Jade!!
So for Jade's birthday, we had a big party at Freestone Park. David grilled hot dogs, kids dug in the sand, and I got burnt. I hate my pink skin.... Anyways, Jade's poor cake melted in the sun and even changed colors! I'm sad I didn't get a before shot of it cause it was really quite pretty. It started with pink and purple basketweave with blue flowers around the egde and in the middle for the candles. But after an hour in the sun, one side slid off and the pink disappeared so it became a blue and white basketweave.... So sad. But Jade didn't mind. She thought it was funny. She got to open presents after cake and boy she was excited to see so many princess presents! That girl is girl through-and-through! She got a teaset, princess craft, princess wall sticker castle, make-up, princess beads, princess ball, pink whoppers, and new princess dresses! We had another littel celebration today with the Bishop's family since today is her real birthday and they couldn't drive out to the East Valley yesterday (gee, I wonder why? Ha!). We had a Hawaiian Luau and they even came dressed up in their Hawaiin finery! I love it! They gave Jade a Princess Yatzee Jr. game. Hmmm....I wonder if people know Jade's a princess.... She sure had a great time! =)

These are the dresses I've been slaving over for the past 2 weeks. I think she likes them.... =)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Car Trips With the Cresap Girls

Have you ever found yourself wondering exactly what goes on in our family car? Well, wonder no more! These photos and following video are pretty enlightening....
A random intersection....
Paisley sits...
Amber gripes...
Blue sky...
Jade's weird...
Really weird...
And this is Amber's awesome door...

The video is a little long...but it's pretty entertaining. At least it is if you know my girls at all. Ok, it entertains David and I. =p