Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One C-R-Azy Weekend

Thursday started like any other day. I got up, got the girls to school, fed and bathed Paisley, and started working for UHaul. About 1/2 hour before I was finished, David came into the room to tell me we were headed to Vegas as soon as school was done. What??? Apparently his brother Zach needed help moving his family here. So after 4 hours of frantic cleaning and packing, we headed out. And somehow the 4 1/2 hours trip turned into 6 1/2 hours. Ahhh.....the joy of traveling with a baby. It's funny the little things you forget about babies over the years. Friday morning we went to pick up the UHaul. They didn't have any 26' trucks, so we had to settle with a 17' truck and a 6x12 trailer. I love my husband. Sooo not the same size. We loaded till 4, called it quits, showered and cleaned up the kids, and then went downtown to walk the strip with the kiddos. The girls LOVED the hotels. Amber was "enchanted" (yes, that's her word). Jade wanted to move to Vegas. We were able to see the water show at the Bellagio, the volcano show at the Mirage, we went inside the Venician, MGM Grand, and Excaliber. I was sad to discover the big dragon statue in the Excaliber was gone. When I asked where it was, I was told that Michael Jackson bought it a few years back. Sad. =( We didn't get back to Zach and Tai's till 11 and we all had to sleep on blankets on the floor. I didn't sleep. Saturday morning we finished loading, cleaned the house, and drove away. Tai and I drove with Railynn, Jocylain, and Paisley. David had Jade, and Zach drove the UHaul with Amber and Logan. Once in the valley, we stopped to unload the UHaul at a storage facility. Well, we didn't even get started till 6:30pm and the place closed at 7pm. The guy there said we'd have no problem getting out, we just couldn't get in after 7. WRONG!!! We were done and leaving at 8. Yeah.....the gate was closed and the keypad for our code wouldn't work cause the center was closed. We were stuck. I had to call UHaul and they had to call the manager. It took her 20 min to get there and open it up to let us out. The whole time we had cranky tired kids whining. What a mess! So now Zach and Tai and their three children are living with us for awhile. That makes 10 people here. It's crowded, but okay. I'm happy to have my best friends here and hopefully the kids will all learn to just get along better. I moved Paisley into my room (her crib, rocker, and changing table) along with the girls big dresser. The men set up their bunkbed in the girls room (so now there's 2 sets in there), Jocy's crib and their bed in Paisley's room. Tai's piano is in the dining room, and some of her kitchen table chairs are there as well. Like I said, it's crowded, but fun. =)

On a side note....since David is still unemployed, I applied for food stamps for the time being and got approved. Ever wonder what $725 worth of food looks like??

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun, Fun, and More Fun

K. I'm addicted to taking pictures. Seriously addicted. Amber and Jade are sick of the camera in their faces and refuse to let me take any 90% of the time. So since poor little Paisley is still immobile, she's just going to have to get used to seeing the little blue camera constantly flashing. Haha. Too bad, so sad! Anyways, I'm thinking Miss P is showing signs of OCD. Before she was even born she was obsessed with lights. Every time she could see light through my belly she'd get extremely excited and kick her little heart out. Now that she's here, she stares and stares and stares at them. They don't even have to be on. She'll stare contentedly for quite awhile up at the light fixture whether it's on or off. And it's not because she's on her back and has nothing else to look at. I'll be holding her and she throws her head up and back just to see it. And if I move around, she'll keep her eye on the light. Funny kid. Maybe there's a ton of lights in heaven..... This little story has absolutely nothing to do with the following pictures. I just had to share.Amber loves to read books to Jade. And luckily, Jade enjoys being read to! =)
Nothing better than sweet baby smiles!
Ummm....Amber really likes holding Paisley. She just didn't want to get her picture taken and thought that if she got rid of the baby, I wouldn't take the picture. Wrongo!

She found a little friend to coo at today. =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Funny Girl

Paisley's such a funny girl already. Everytime I change her diaper, she just stares and stares at the picture frame above the changing table. She smiles and makes sounds at it. Sometimes she tries to talk to it. I'm actually quite jealous of the frame since Paisley has yet to try to talk to me. I guess the picture frame is more interesting than Mom...... Such a happy girl!

This is what's so interesting. I don't get it.
Paisley has also been awake more during the day. Yesterday I think she slept for a total of 2 or 3 hours. I love that she's so alert and cheerful. I also love that since she's awake most of the day, she sleeps through the night! I mean....not all the way through....but pretty darn close! She gets laid down around 8:30pm and she doesn't make a peep till around 4am. This morning she didn't wake up till 5. And then she goes right back to sleep until 7:30am. Such a good baby! But watch out when she's mad! Hahaha! I sure love this squirmy, grabby, happy baby!
I made cinnamon rolls Sunday morning. They were soooo yummy! =) This batch is ready for the oven!
Can you smell the deliciousness??

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just a Random Thought

Today after I fed Paisley, I was burping her and she gave me the biggest loudest belch ever. I told her she was a good baby and that was an awesome burp.
Yesterday afternoon, Amber was playing and belched quite loudly. I immediately told her that was disgusting, rude, and unladylike and I'd better not hear that again.
What's the difference???

Name That Baby Answer:

1 - Jade 7lbs 8oz, 20.5in
2 - Paisley 6lbs 13oz, 20in
3 - Amber 7lbs 13oz, 22in

Thanks for playing! =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Outdoor Fun

The weather has been especially nice this weekend and we've been spending a lot of time outdoors in the evenings. We go on family walks all over the neighborhood, or just let the girls play in the front with their friends. Yesterday I was really wishing we had a screen on our back door. I would have just left it wide open all day.

Amber and Jade really love having a baby in our home. They are constantly holding her, reading to her, and singing silly songs to make her happy. They're both getting pretty good at picking her up and Amber can get her from her crib if I need her to. I'm so lucky to have 3 big helpers! And Paisley is turning out to be quite spoiled so far.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Name That Baby

K - Folks! Time to play......Name That Baby!!! It's the game where you decide which identical baby is which! Just label them 1, 2, and 3 along with which baby you think it is. Have fun! =) PS - All the pictures have been aged to match.