Thursday, May 29, 2008

So Close, And Yet So Far...

Well, I've made it through Thursday. One day closer to FREEDOM!!!! If you haven't noticed by now, my life's center is the weekend. I live for weekends. I breathe for weekends. I would bleed for weekends, but what would be the point? So far, no plans yet. Probably just my normal errands Saturday morning and then maybe we'll hit the pool. We loooovvvveee the pool! In fact, it's one of my requirements when we buy a house in Arizona. It HAS to have a pool, or it's no deal. I've lived there for too long to think I can survive without one! Church Sunday morning, maybe the dog park after, and dinner at our friends house. Oh, shoot! Ok...add feeding the missionaries Saturday night. And maybe we'll take the girls to Nim's Island. Maybe. I think I'd prefer the pool, though. It's free. =)
So I've been making a new quilt. I'm super excited about it, but have run out of material for the moment. I needed 35 prints and 14 solids, but I only had 5 of the solids. So off to the fabric store...eventually. Dave tends to get upset when I "waste" money on unimportent things, meaning things he doesn't feel he needs. But what he doesn't realize is that I do need the material. I have to have a project to work on, or I feel quite...blah. So it's either I spend $20 on fabric, or feel blah till I do. And when I feel blah, that means hotdogs or cheese crisps for dinner. Hahahaha! Off to the fabric store!
I feel pretty weird writing about something other than my girls. Especially with no pictures to post. But I really don't have very many people to talk to during the day, and eventually they do have their own lives to live. Besides, isn't this the point of a blog?
I can't wait to move!!!! =)

P.S.~ This is Dave's and my favorite commercial. Chances's right for you, too.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Relaxing After a Looonnnggg Day

I've always hated Wednesdays. They seem to be the longest day of the week. Probably because they're right smack in the middle. I know that as soon as Wednesday is over with, I can start planning and getting ready for the weekend. Sometimes I just need a bit of a nudge over the hump. This afternoon, we went out and played in the front yard. The girls and random daycare kids played on the motorcycle (Amber's of course) and in the Cadillac (kid-sized obviously!) for awhile. Then Dave came out and Amber wanted to box. So I snapped some pictures before being attacked myself! Such a good way to end a otherwise uneventful long long long day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Difference Between My Girls

Ok. I kinda feel like a pretty evil Mom for posting this video...but really there's no better way to illustrate the vast difference in personalities between my two girls. Seriously! They are worlds apart! And after watching the video, hopefully you will understand what I mean. And it really truly is this way all the time. Not that Amber acts like this all the time, but she's much much more volatile than mild Jade. At any given moment, one little thing that wouldn't phase anyone else, will send Amber spiralling out of control. That's probably why I love her so much...she keeps me on my toes! Enjoy the film...and feel free to laugh. We sure did!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Absolutely, 100% Exhausted....In a Good Way

So since David and I both had the day off, we decided to go look at house models. Lots of fun! I always love browsing for houses....even knowing I couldn't possibly afford a single one of them. But I like getting ideas for our dream house. We were out for 6 hours today. Whew! But we saw a Lot of cool homes! One of our favorites had a courtyard and breezeway, huge pantry (partway under the stairs), enormous master bedroom with 2 big walk-in closets, giant bathtub (fits all 4 of us! Hahaha!), and a "bedroom" that's been converted into whatever you want it to be (it was set up as a exercise room, but we'd have it as a craft room/office). So gorgeous! Someday.....It's always nice to have dreams. Anyways, it was a good day. And I'm totally exhausted! I'll probably hit the sack a bit early tonight.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dog Park and More Motorcycles

Look!!! I'm riding a motorcycle! Okay, it's electric and mini....but I'm riding it! And I didn't crash or anything! Ha! David's been begging me to try and ride, and I've always vehemently refused. And for good reason! I have a big ol' burn from his Harley on my calf. But I did it! Hooray!! I didn't even dump Amber off the back! I totally deserve a cookie....

We also took Milo-Boy to the dog park this afternoon. We found a good family for him since we can't bring him back to Arizona with us (airline temperature restrictions). They've come to visit him at our place so he can get used to them, and today they met us at the dog park. The kids all had fun chasing him around and Milo enjoyed being the center of attention. Sunday afternoons are so nice! I'm so glad we have the 8am church time!

I really love this last picture. The girls look so free. I like watching them run with Milo. It reminds me of playing with my childhood dogs. Of swimming for hours and hours everyday from March through October. My girls can run as long as I can swim. And I'm grateful for that because I've never been able to run for long and I'm glad that they can. I'd have to classify today in the random "really really great day" file. I love Sunday afternoons! Especially since I get the day off tomorrow! Nobody call me before 8am HST! Totally not joking! =)

Father Daughter Day

This is a little belated blog. David had Friday off for Memorial Day weekend and since I still had daycare kids, he took the girls to the zoo for a little Father Daughter bonding. I had $40 cash which I gave them for the day. After spending half of it on snacks, they finally made it to the zoo. They had a really great time and it was apparently a good time to be there as all the big animals were out and about. There were even a couple peacocks all puffed up and screaming. Maybe all this Daddy time helped contribute to yesterday's comments.....Hmmmmm.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family Love

So, today I felt very unloved. As we were headed out as a family for dinner and ice cream, we made a stop for gas. David was filling the tank and I hear from the backseat: (Jade) "I miss my Daddy. I only want Daddy cause I don't like Mommy." (Amber) "Jade! That is so rude! We still like Mommy even if we like Daddy more!" What the heck??? I can expect that from Jade, but never from Amber! David and I discovered the reason.....I made Amber clean her room today. What a Evil Mommy I am! David more than made up for the lack of love I was feeling by taking me ice skating tonight for date night. I've been begging him to take me forever and he always said he hates it, but he suprised me and was a really good sport about it, too! I love you, David!

Lots and Lots of Rain

I guess rain in Hawaii is as common as sun in Arizona....
Because when it rains here, it rains and rains and rains for days without stop! It's been raining all week and on Wednesday our street finally flooded sidewalk deep. Our friends were playing outside in the flood and rain so the girls and I joined them. It was a lot of fun! We even convinced a couple people to drive through the flood really really fast. What a blast! As much fun as it is to play in the rain, it still makes me thankful to be moving in less than 2 months. It is sooo hard to pull a wagon full of kids through flooded streets to school.....

Friday, May 23, 2008

First Post

Well, I'm a Blogger now. Yea? Just for a little background, David is currently in the Air Force and we've been stationed here in Hawaii for just about 3 years now. I've been running my own home daycare for pretty much the whole time. Some days are pretty good, some are crazy, and every once in a while we have really really great ones! We just got new orders and we're moving back to good ol' Arizona in July. David is being stationed at Luke AFB so that means we get to go house shopping!!! We're all very very excited about this since it will be our first home. Can't wait!

A couple weeks ago, David came home with a child-sized electric motorcycle. It took some practice, but now Amber's a pro at riding it! We even went on a family motorcycle ride one Sunday. David, Jade, and I on the Harley, and Amber on her own bike. Jade was riding behind her at first, but got scared cause she was going too fast (like 10mph! Hahahaha!). Amber also likes riding in the parking lot in front of our house with Milo chasing her. It's a lot of fun!