Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve

Sure hope this year's better than last..... lol
Last night we unfortunately had to spend the holiday all alone as no one was able to come celebrate with us. Boo! At least we all like each other and had a fun time anyways! After Pie went to bed, we bundled up, went outside, and had fun with sparklers around a nice warm fire in the firepit. I was super nice and let the girls pig out on whatever goodies they wanted. I made some spritz cookies (4 doz and only 1 doz survived the night!) and hot chocolate to try and stay warm. We watched Shrek 4, Amber and Jade took a nice hot bath then watched Toy Story. And at 11:20pm, Jade came and found me and begged to just go to bed. Poor girl! After I put her to bed, I went to check on Amber - and found her sleeping, too! So neither girl made it all the way to midnight this year. Oh well! =) They both set goals for the year - Jade wants to improve at drawing animals and Amber's gonna work on controlling her emotions (especially her temper/attitude!). I'm working on being a more patient mom, and David says he's going to help me with my resolution. Uh, thanks Dave!


Sparkler Power!!


rozanny said...

Happy New Years! I love your pictures! Looks like way too much fun!

Molly said...

Sounds like our night! Except I was wearing pj's and a robe with a big clip in my hair.