Saturday, May 12, 2012

House Drama

Well, we didn't get the house in Buckeye. Apparently the exact same weekend we put our offer on the house, 2 others did as well and we lost. =( After a few frustrating days of searching for another, we found one we LOVE!!!! We saw it on Monday, tried to put an offer on it Tuesday morning only to find out we needed our prequal to be through Bank of America. The only problem with that - David works during banking hours and didn't have a day off till yesterday (Friday). So we had to keep our fingers crossed the entire week it didn't go into contract with someone else. Luckily, our realtor knows the listing agent and kept tabs on it. The listing agent called our realtor Thursday to tell him there's 2 offers on it - both cash - but neither one as high as what we were going to offer. We quickly submitted our offer that night, got our prequal from B of A yesterday morning, and now we have to hope and pray we are chosen. We're hoping the fact that the listing agent knows our realtor, we're the highest bid, and we're a family  - not investors, will help our case. Here's the house:


Katie said...

Sorry you didn't get the other house but I like this one WAY more! I hope it works out this time around. GOOD LUCK! :)

Diane said...

I hope this works out for you. It can be so frustrating finding a place to live these days.