Tuesday, July 31, 2012


What in the world happened to July??? Can't believe it's done already! I'm both soooo not ready for school to start next week and also overjoyed that it is. lol I WANT TO MOVE ALREADY!!!! K - here's the month in pics:
Shyla LOVES her sisters and Paisley LOVES Shyla's toys =)

Looking through old pics to fill photo albums

Time to lower the mattress!

This little girl is ready to go places!

Hahahahaha!!! FAIL!

Our pool is green at the moment.....

"Aaaaa!!! Where's my cookie???"

Ignore the weirdo and look at the awesome entertainment center I scored for $20! I'm turning it into a play kitchen/dress-up armoire for Paisley.

Went outside Sunday morning and found a gaping hole in the carport ceiling! A guy was here Monday morning and did some prep work to repair it.

Mmmm!!! S'Mores Dip!

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