Saturday, September 15, 2012

This and That

First up: We got two more ferrets and a bigger cage! Daisy seemed kinda lonely so we (David) scoured craigslist and found a lady selling two ferrets with their cage for $50. We met up with her and now we have 3! Their names were Roxy and Rudy, but Amber and Jade quickly renamed them Cookie and Cream. Cream (Rudy) is a boy and Cookie (Roxy) is a girl. And they were both bone-thin. Like they'd been starved. It was so sad! I'm happy to say they have both put on a little weight in the week they've been here and are much more playful than they started.

Next: I finished Jade's Halloween costume! Two down, four to go! lol Amber's is actually almost done. Just gotta finish her jacket and make her a quick pair of pants.

Last: Amber and Jade had their first cross country meet this morning. Jade was tripped and stepped on in the beginning, but finished strong - running despite the blood on her knee and hand. She placed 52 out of 107! Amber had a great race! She started in the very back at a slow jog to avoid being trampled then worked her way up to the front on the course. She entered the track for the last stretch and sprinted to pass 4-5 girls before finishing 13 out of 78! Way to go, Amber! =)

This is Amber and Jade's favorite way to chill

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