Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Picture Catch-Up

Here's some randoms from June and the first half of July:
Just like Paisley at this age, Shyla loves putting herself to bed when she's sleepy!

She also loves picking out "moofoos" to watch

Cute sisters in matching dresses

Shyla's first ice cream cone! I think she liked it...

Amber cutting fabric to sew Paisley pajama pants for her birthday

David dancing with his two littlest girls. Dunno what Amber and Jade are doing.....

Amber found this not-so-baby bird living in our orange tree. Isn't it cute??

An early birthday present for Paisley! She got her own pink Kindle Fire! She was so funny later on - she came to me and said, "Mom, I love my new pink Kindle Fire - but I really wanted  sparkles on it...." So after her nap she helped me glue rhinestones on it and now she LOVES it! 

Amber's hope chest before and after recovering the top 

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