Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thunderbirds at Luke AFB

So I totally forgot to blog about the fun airshow we went to several weeks back. If you live in the valley, you probably heard the commercials on the radio about the big airshow on Luke AFB last month. Well, we ended up going and it was pretty fun. Only it was the weekend of the crazy wind and the girls weren't a big fan of that. Especially poor little Jade who had decided on wearing a dress and didn't appreciate the sand hitting her little legs all afternoon.
We bought milkshakes for a treat cause I figured the dumb wind would blow crap into ice cream cones. While we were in line, a nice guy gave David (who was in uniform) $20 to buy his family's ice cream. How nice is that? Of course the show itself almost got cancelled on account of the stupid wind....and after several minutes of standing around waiting to see if it would actually happen or not, it did.
Jade was more interested in burying her head into David's shoulder and Amber just wanted to play with the rocks on the ground.
But David and I had fun watching the planes.

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ballerina girl said...

That sounds like so much fun, we love air shows! My plan is to convince at least one of my boys that they would like to join the air force when they get older.