Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cresap Birthday Party

Okay. I've procrastinated long enough probably. Back to blogging and then I really have to go clean my floors. They're grossing ME out!
On March 28th (I know...forever ago!), we had a big combined birthday party for all the Cresaps with March or April birthdays. There's a ton of us! Jade, Railynn, Tera, Don, and I are in March while Onya, Tai, and Dee are in April. Unfortunately, Tera, Don, and Dee couldn't make it, but the rest of us had a great time! We let the kids go swimming in Lila's freezing pool. They had soo much fun! And no one got pneumonia afterwards, either! Hooray! Hahahahaha! There was a TON of food (mostly thanks to Lila!) with a HUGE cake (again, thanks Lila!) and everyone had a pretty good time. David took crazy pictures of almost everyone in attendance. I'll only post a few of the craziest so you can get an idea of his unique photography skills. And even though it was this fun party and the fact we spent the night at Tai's afterwards that gave my whole family that horrible stomach virus, it was all worth it! I love spending time with the Cresaps! They ROCK! =)


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Tai said...

Woohoo!! Fun stomach virus!! Your are so welcome Lissa!! Hahaha! I love the random weird close up of Railynn...