Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Funny Girl

Paisley's such a funny girl already. Everytime I change her diaper, she just stares and stares at the picture frame above the changing table. She smiles and makes sounds at it. Sometimes she tries to talk to it. I'm actually quite jealous of the frame since Paisley has yet to try to talk to me. I guess the picture frame is more interesting than Mom...... Such a happy girl!

This is what's so interesting. I don't get it.
Paisley has also been awake more during the day. Yesterday I think she slept for a total of 2 or 3 hours. I love that she's so alert and cheerful. I also love that since she's awake most of the day, she sleeps through the night! I mean....not all the way through....but pretty darn close! She gets laid down around 8:30pm and she doesn't make a peep till around 4am. This morning she didn't wake up till 5. And then she goes right back to sleep until 7:30am. Such a good baby! But watch out when she's mad! Hahaha! I sure love this squirmy, grabby, happy baby!
I made cinnamon rolls Sunday morning. They were soooo yummy! =) This batch is ready for the oven!
Can you smell the deliciousness??


Katie said...

You are the second person to blog about the cinnamon rolls they made! I WILL MAKE SOME ALREADY SHEESH! You guys have to make them look so freakin' good!

Reiko said...

Ummmm, I can almost smell the yummy cinnamony goodness!