Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun, Fun, and More Fun

K. I'm addicted to taking pictures. Seriously addicted. Amber and Jade are sick of the camera in their faces and refuse to let me take any 90% of the time. So since poor little Paisley is still immobile, she's just going to have to get used to seeing the little blue camera constantly flashing. Haha. Too bad, so sad! Anyways, I'm thinking Miss P is showing signs of OCD. Before she was even born she was obsessed with lights. Every time she could see light through my belly she'd get extremely excited and kick her little heart out. Now that she's here, she stares and stares and stares at them. They don't even have to be on. She'll stare contentedly for quite awhile up at the light fixture whether it's on or off. And it's not because she's on her back and has nothing else to look at. I'll be holding her and she throws her head up and back just to see it. And if I move around, she'll keep her eye on the light. Funny kid. Maybe there's a ton of lights in heaven..... This little story has absolutely nothing to do with the following pictures. I just had to share.Amber loves to read books to Jade. And luckily, Jade enjoys being read to! =)
Nothing better than sweet baby smiles!
Ummm....Amber really likes holding Paisley. She just didn't want to get her picture taken and thought that if she got rid of the baby, I wouldn't take the picture. Wrongo!

She found a little friend to coo at today. =)

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Bowman-Blog said...

I miss my babies! Yes, even the one with her tougue sticking out! Paisley has changed a lot!