Friday, June 3, 2011

Just Keep Swimming....

Just keep swimming....just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim, swim!
Really, that's all WE do! haha So you get to see more fun pictures of my little fish. Lucky you! =)

This is what we do when we're not in the water: 
Jade helping with dinner. She's squishing the meat/egg goo for hamburgers. Thanks, Jade!

Amber and Jade made this "library" the other day. The two dolls on the left are kids there for storytime.

I think Jaders is their mom?

Because Amber is clearly the librarian reading to the kids....

Paisley LOVES oatmeal. She'll practically lick her bowl clean!

I love this crazy kid! She's got one of Jade's socks on - just one. And she's under the desk coloring on paper (for once). Such a turkey girl!

In other news, The girls are doing awesome in swimming lessons. Jade is moving up to level 3 next week, Amber would be moving on to level 5 but she needs to work up her endurance a bit more, and Paisley got the "OK" to move on to preschool A class - meaning I won't be in the pool with her. Kids normally have to be 2+, but since Pie has already mastered nearly all the skills taught in the preschool level, the pool manager did a system overide to get her into the class. I think that as long as she can't see me and know I'm not an option, she'll be fine. She may cry for the first 2 min, but just like with nursery, I'm sure she'll get used to it quickly. Especially since she loves swimming so much! This is my hope, anyways.....
In baby news, I haven't been sick at all. Just super tired. Like I've I'm starting to associate non-sick pregnancies with the kid ending up with adhd. Cause I wasn't sick at all with Amber or Paisley and both (especially Amber just cause Pie is still young...) exhibit signs of adhd. With Jade I was sicker than a dog and she's an extremely mild tempered kind of kid. Paisley reminds me a LOT of how Amber was at this age. Her emotional high's and low's are quite extreme and she has a hard time with sudden changes. Oh, and she has a super hot temper like Amber Smamber (and her mama....). Luckily, it doesn't show it's face very often and she's extremely sweet inbetween tantrums. So we shall see who this next kiddo favors - Amber and Paisley, or Jaders. I'm (secretly) voting for Jade. ;)


Bowman-Blog said...

Please, please take those poor girls to the library! They obviously love going! :)

Julie said...

HA! Gotta love that Robertson temper. Michael (and his mama) has it too!