Friday, June 10, 2011

Zoo Trip

David successfully dragged me out of the house Wednesday. lol He had the day off from school and didn't have anything to do till 3 and had the idea to take the kids to the Phoenix Zoo. At first I protested - the girls have swimming lessons, I was going to go to Fry's, it's hot outside, I'm tired - but I was quickly outvoted by everyone, including Paisley who ran around the house in her panties chanting, "zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo!" So I gave in, got everyone dressed and slathered in sunscreen, told David to pick up water bottles and capri suns, grabbed a couple towels, and off we went! It was hot. We were sweaty. But we all had fun anyways. We visited the Stingray Bay and fed the stingrays raw shrimp and fish heads. Paisley LOVED feeding them, but freaked out when David helped her touch one. lol Amber and Jade enjoyed feeding them as well, but preferred David or I to help them. After wandering around for awhile, we had lunch, wandered around some more, played in the water at the splash pad, did more wandering, tried to go to the petting zoo - which closed right when we got there - and by this time Amber and Jade were worn out and complaining about the heat and their legs hurting. Paisley was a trooper. Even without a nap she had a blast running around, yelling at all the animals. I think she walked more than she sat in her stroller. Afterwards, we stopped at McDonald's for much deserved ice cream. Yum!

This horse was HUGE! And it was funny cause Paisley didn't want to touch it and started freaking out, flapping her arms at him. And he walked away. Awww! Poor guy was sensitive! hahaha

Paisley's saying, "Here, turkey! Here, turkey!" and patting her legs like you were call a dog.

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Bowman-Blog said...

Dang, Amber is looking really grown up.