Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Because I Have Nothing Better To Blog About.....

....I'm blogging about the house we are going to build in the next year. David and I sometimes have a hard time agreeing on houses cause we both like different things and styles. He prefers big, spacious, "showy" houses and I prefer practical houses with enough space for everyone but not so much space a child could get lost (or make a huge mess without me knowing about it....). On Saturday, I woke up super grouchy and weepy - not really sure why - and after running his errands with all the girls, David picked me up and we all went looking at model homes. Since Dave will be graduating early January and can work as a nurse at that time and continue doing serves, we'll be making enough to afford to buy another house. We still have our house in Buckeye being rented out and probably won't be able to sell it anytime soon, but with his dual income and minus our car payments (which we are working towards getting rid of), it's very possible for us to have a home built sometime next year. Anyways, every place we looked at homes, he liked one house the best and I liked another better. Until we found this one:

The floorplan is great, there's enough rooms for everyone (Amber and Jade have the two rooms with the jack-and-jill bathroom, Paisley and Shyla will share the other room). We'll have the "bedroom 6" option and the full bathroom downstairs built and use the bedroom as my sewing/craft room. Unless we have baby #5 at which time Amber will move into the downstairs bedroom and baby #5 will take over her upstairs room. We'll have the bay in the master and the dining room extended, both covered porch options, and keep the big loft upstairs for the girls' hang-out room. There's an HOA in the neighborhood, but it's less than what we pay in Buckeye and they'll landscape the front yard. We just choose from available options. We'll choose the one with the most grass. lol The girls and I have been praying every night at bedtime for David to get a good job right after school. I'd really like him to not have to go months looking/waiting for one cause that would suck big time. So, that's our plan. =)

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Diane said...

Looks great! I hope it all goes well for you.