Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We just had the BEST weekend! Jami took us all to Disneyland!!! Originally we had planned on going to the cabin for the weekend, but when I called to confirm timing and such with Jami on Monday, she changed the plans to a trip to California.  Soooo fun! Jami, the girls and I left Thursday night and got into Anaheim at 1:30 Friday morning, and David drove all night Friday and got in at 2:30 Saturday morning. On Friday, we went to surprise Shelley and Greg in Oceanside. We got to see their pretty house and the girls had fun sliding down a hill with all the neighborhood kids. David surprised us Saturday morning sporting a mohawk! haha He only kept it Saturday and shaved it off that night. David and I decided not to tell the girls where we were going and to totally surprise them once we got to the park. We had a couple close calls....but my wonderfully gullible girls remained in the dark until we actually walked into Disneyland California. Love them girlies! We spent Saturday at California and Sunday in Disneyland. As I'm pregnant,  wasn't allowed to ride the super fun rides so David took Amber and Jade on the ones we could convince them onto. Amber really loved Star Tours and Indiana Jones, and she hated Thunder Mountain and the Mattahorn. She was actually in shock for a good minute once the ride was done before she brok down sobbing. I blame David for this - he had her sit in the very front of the very front sled. No way to anticipate drops and turns. Poor girl. Jade hated all the roller coasters. Oh, well. Paisley was a maniac on Alice's Teacups. She helped spin the wheel and just giggled her head off! Here's a butt-load (approximate, not actual) of pictures to look at:
Having fun in the hotel pool

Sliding down the hill at the Hill's. =)

Safe landing!

The one and only time Pie went down

Not so safe for Jade and Celeste! lol

This is where they finally found out where we were. Look at those smiles!

This is basically what both girls looked like after nearly all the roller coasters David took them on. NOT their Mama's girls....


Amber loved this ride, Jade - not so much

Maybe if Paisley pulled her own weight.... 

"It's a small world, afterall...."

Making Jade's dreams come true...

Amber was quite happy Ariel recognized her dress! And then later in the parade, Ariel saw her again and said, "I like your dress!" So sweet!

Storytime with Cinderella

Welcome to Jade's World!

Paisley saw these ribbons and ran screaming down to them! Cinderella and her "lady in waiting" laughed and handed her some ribbons.

Star Tours! Amber loved this ride, as well as Indiana Jones. Wish I could have gone it with them.....maybe next time.

Shelley and Greg were completely surprised when Jami and I called from Anaheim so they didn't have their own hotel room. Luckily, Jami had gotten David and I a one-bedroom suite with 2 beds in the room and a pull-out couch in the living room.

Good morning, Cupcake!


rozanny said...

Looks like a blast!

Allison Lefler said...

What an awesome vacation!! It looks like you guys had so much fun!

Glenene said...

What a fun vacation!!

Spazgirl said...

I'm not really sure I would say Amber LOVED the rides.....more like......she didn't CRY on them! hahahaha
I still cant believe Celeste got to ride Space Mountain and LOVED it!! She IS mommys girl!!! :)
I LOVED seeing you and your family Lissa!!!!!! XOXO

SlowDancer777 said...