Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It's that time of year again - the time I start sewing like crazy for Halloween, then fall clothes for my girls, Christmas, birthdays, etc. Yeah.....I guess it doesn't ever really end here. That's what I get for having 4 girls! lol Anyways, I sold my first costume of the Halloween season last week, finished it today and got it sent off to it's new owner. Isn't it cute??
Also, I've been working on our costumes. Trying to get them done early so I don't have a crazy mad rush to finish on the big day! This year we're doing Alice in Wonderland. Paisley is Alice, Amber is the Mad Hatter, Jade's the White Rabbit, Shyla's the caterpillar, I'm the Queen of Hearts, and David is my Knave. So far, I'm done with Paisley's, I made Jade's dress, and I've cut out Amber's jacket. I have the fabric for mine, and idea for Shyla's, and David rejected both my ideas for his. I'm trying to make as many of the girls' costume pieces "real" clothes so they can be worn more than just for Halloween costumes. Paisley's is dress-up clothes of course, Jade's dress can be for church, and hers and Amber's jackets are real nice corduroy and dupioni silk-lined jackets. Here's what I've done so far:


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rozanny said...

SOOOO cute! You know what I'm making Evelyn into this year? Twink from Rainbow Bright... and Ada wanted to be Rainbow Bright, of course... Sam wants to be Mario, me to be Luigi, and Daddy to be Princess Peach.