Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Randoms

Time for the month's random photo dump! Yay!! I'm cool - you know it's true. =)
I emptied out the baker's cabinet and while I was taking the box into the other room, Shyla climbed in and had a fun time! Silly baby!

Paisley's discovered how to use Netflix on David's iPad. She now thinks it's her iPad. Lovely.

It's FINALLY getting cooler out! Cool enough that I can kick - I mean "encourage" the girls to play outside instead of chase each other around the house and drive me C-R-AZY! Yay for fall! =)
That's all the pics I have to share from October. But, here's an update on our new home: the carpet and wood as been installed, the baseboards have been put back up, the kid's bathroom vanity/sink has been replaced, the septic system has been inspected and passed with flying colors, the VA appraisal inspection is scheduled for tomorrow, the irrigation is scheduled for the 15th, our loan paperwork is looking good, and hopefully we'll be closing on the 26th! (But really I'm hoping to move in before Thanksgiving!) 

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