Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finished (and not) Projects

I super love our new home! So so much! I really enjoy working on improving it and cleaning it doesn't make me grouchy cause I know it's our home. That and also because David bought me a Dyson for Christmas which is soooo easy to use! =) Here's what I've finished this week:
Painted the front door RED! I love it sooooo much I'm going to paint the 3 backyard doors red as well! 
Isn't it gorgeous??

Finished the family room. At least until we're ready to rip out the closets behind the couch.... 

I also finished painting the kitchen and hung the blinds back up. Yellow is such a nice cheerful color for a kitchen!
And here's what David and Dee have been working on but have not finished yet:
Finished pulling down all the extra walls 

Put in a new backdoor with a window to let in light! This is one that I will be painting red. =)

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