Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little Girls

While Amber and Jade are at school all day, I get the pleasure of playing with these two little cuties! I just love these two sweet girls! They both have their moments of crankiness and frustration, but in general they are both such pleasant and cheerful littles. Paisley likes to try and boss Shyla around, but Shyla is learning very quickly how to annoy the heck out of Paisley. It's pretty funny to watch. And I don't think I could ever get enough kisses and hugs and snuggles and "I love you's" from either one!
I sewed these dresses over the weekend (well, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning). Shyla's will fit for awhile cause I folded up the bottom border and as she gets taller I can let it out to make the dress longer.

Paisley's been really into puzzles lately. I bought her these two as incentive for taking naps. Back in the beginning of December, naps were kinda dropped due to the house being utter chaos as out moving date loomed ever closer, then holidays and unpacking, and now I'm ready for naptime to be reinstated! Thankfully, it only took 1 week for naptime to be a normal, expected, daily occurance and all meltdowns relating to it have disappeared! =)

Here's a good example of Shyla wanting to be just like Paisley - Papa bought Paisley a towel at Goodwill. So I spread it in the grass so Paisley could sit on it and enjoy being outside. Shyla instantly ran over to it and stood on it and wouldn't budge. Happy as a clam just standing on Paisley's new towel. Obviously, this wasn't a hit with Paisley. lol So I got Shyla her own towel to sit on and everyone was happy. Shyla sat on her towel for a good 20min (which is impressive for a 1yr old!) just talking and laughing at herself and the birds.

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rozanny said...

Oh my gosh! They're humongous! I'm mourning the fact that Ada's starting school this year and I won't have all my kids with me all the time. Isn't it crazy how time flies!