Monday, February 4, 2013

Fun Times

Since Amber's birthday, we've done a few things. We went looking at (and fell in love with) camper trailers for fun, and RV show at the Cardinal Stadium, did more work on the guest room, and had a pretty successful shindig with cousins and missionaries! 
We're not in the market for a camper trailer at the moment, though it is something we will eventually buy. Right now we're really looking for a landscaping trailer (one with either the metal grate sides or solid sides) and a riding lawnmower. After that, I think David wants to get a boat. And then it will be camper trailer time. But it's always fun to browse and dream. =)
The guest room is coming along....slowly. But at least there's been progress. The space for the shower is framed, the closet is framed and getting drywall, the plumbing for the shower is done, the trench to connect the shower drain to the sewer line is dug, lights and vents have been moved, and I think that's where we stand as of now. We still need to obviously connect the drain to the sewer, install the shower, pick up a new vanity, drywall and texture everything, paint, carpet, tile, and then it'll be DONE! Can't wait!
Pocket door between the bathroom and bedroom

Alex fixing out laundry room plumbing and connecting the water line to the shower

David digging out the sewer trench

The toilet goes where that plastic bottle is and the drain for the shower is in the upper right corner - the circle up there.

So what started as having my cousins over for dinner, turned into a pretty big affair. Alex was over with his kids, and I had signed us up to feed the missionaries that night, too. I had forgotten about that until the night before when they called to confirm. lol My bad! And I didn't know about Alex coming to work on the guest bathroom plumbing until about 10min before he showed up. David's bad! haha But we made it work and it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening!
KaylaAnn, Brennan, and Paisley

Somehow Amber convinced the small kids to pull her around on her blanket - while wearing a cape and playing a ukulele! hahaha

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