Sunday, April 14, 2013

Old Tucson

David is very good at making spontaneous plans - which kinda sounds like an oxymoron - but he is. This past week he was in Tucson for some leadership training thingy and when he came back Friday afternoon, we decided to go to the drive-in and see Oz. Saturday morning, while laying in bed and talking about what we should do, he suggested we go to Old Tucson. I mildly resisted knowing how long of a drive it would be and the little girls would miss their naps and it's probably pretty expensive and blah blah blah - but ended up going along with it. After getting the girls dressed and eating breakfast, we headed south. Side note - why am I the only one without cowboy-ish boots?? Who knows. Anyways, the drive was fine (thank goodness for dvd players!) until we left the freeway in Tucson and had to drive through the bumpy mountain. Shyla is very sensitive to motion and doesn't even like elevators. She HATED the last 5 miles or so! We got to Old Tucson at lunchtime so wandered around for a bit till we found a place to eat. I was right about it being expensive.... Oh well. I guess that's why David has such a great job! We watched a gunfight show, panned for gold, then went to find out about trail rides. They usually only take people 8+ and no doubles, but they let Paisley go with Amber, Jade, and David for free. Sooo nice of them! She was so happy and giggly the whole ride (so I'm told) and the cowboy who took them  told me she is just precious! We got some ice cream to cool down a little then went to a trick rope and bullwhip show. The roper was pretty funny and when he got his whip out, he called out Amber to "volunteer". It's pretty funny he chose our shyest family member, but she went up and did what she was asked to do. She and another kid held up a newspaper between them for the cowboy to whip in half. He did it over and over till the paper was quite small. Amber was nervous and kept peeking back at him (he told them to face away from him so they wouldn't startle and flinch) and he had to keep turning her head away, commenting on how her face was making him nervous - which only made her more so! lol Despite the dust and no naps, we all had a great time. And it's a good thing we didn't wait any later in the year as it's getting warmer everyday!

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