Friday, April 26, 2013


Paisley is at such a funny age right now. She's sassy, but not usually mean about it. We hear a lot of things like, "Maybe you can do it yourself." And "Maybe I already gave you a kiss." I'm not sure where she picked up the "maybe", but she uses it a lot. It cracks us up. Paisley's also getting easier to negotiate with. She understands making deals. Her My favorite one right now is that whenever she wants a new (free) game on the iPad, I tell her to clean a room up first. She's so eager to get it done and actually does a pretty good job. She's also very good about helping Shyla do things. Just this morning she brushed Shyla's teeth - using her toothbrush right after brushing her own. lol But Shyla loved it! And last week at Joann's, she really really wanted some dinosaur fabric for new pajamas. And then told me Shyla wanted "matches". =) Paisley is such a sweet, silly little girl and we all just love her!

After she cleaned her room. Pretty good for a 3yr old!

Her new dinosaur jammies! 

First visit to the dentist. Everyone complimented her skirt and she showed everyone her new My Little Pony panties....

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