Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Goodbye, Sister Dear!

Shelley and company are moving to Japan for the next 3 years. =( We're going to miss you guys so much! Hopefully, David and I will be able to go visit in a couple years. That's the goal anyways! Before they left for Japan, they stopped here for a weekend of fun. Here's what we did:
After hanging out at home for a bit (and apparently taking a nap on my couch), we went to the splash park.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Denny's before going to the Phoenix Children's Museum. 

Funny thing about this fort - Amber originally started it, but then David and Greg got into "helping". Amber spent part of the time in a corner pouting cause they took over her project. lol When they were finally done, some guy came in the room with his kids, looks at it for a minute, and says to Greg, "Nice blanket fort, man." Hahahaha!!! Shelley and I almost died laughing over that!

After a super late lunch and quick naps for the littlest 2, we went swimming at the gym!
Shelley took these cute underwater pics of my littlest fishies with her cool waterproof camera. =) 

Sunday we just relaxed at home and let the kids make as many memories as possible. Monday before it's legal to be out of bed, they all left. =( Good luck on your travels, Sis! Love you all!

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