Sunday, June 23, 2013


Amber and Jade have been drown-proof for a few years now. Paisley was swimming pretty well 2 summers ago, but last summer didn't get much water time so this year she started out pretty scared of the water. Shyla was a baby last summer but has always loved the water. This year - Amber and Jade are still drown-proof and can swim pretty quickly. Paisley has figured out how to swim underwater and pick her head up to take breaths when she needs to! She now loves jumping of the side and swimming to the other side or the steps or someone. I put her in swimming lessons at the gym - mainly because it was free - and she's the top of her class. =) Shyla has zero fear of the water. She plops herself in whether I'm watching her or not. So I always have to be sure I'm watching her! She LOVES it though! She comes up out of the water with just the biggest grin on her face! So it's a good thing I don't have to be focused on keeping Paisley from drowning as well, or I think we might be one child less by the time fall rolls around.... Here's some pics from Paisley's swimming class:

Now let me get something off my chest - we've been swimming at the gym a lot these last couple weeks. Well, I had a pkg of swim diapers for Shyla, but every time we went swimming, she still told me when she had to go potty and would freak out if I didn't take her. And every time we came home, her diaper was clean. So when I ran out of swim diapers, I took her commando a few times. Again, she told me when she had to pee and I took her. Zero accidents. Well, the gym is apparently being more strict about kids under 3 wearing a swim diaper cause they've had to close the pool 3 times in the last 2 weeks. I get it. I totally understand. However, Shyla doesn't need them. Doesn't use them. They're a complete waste of money. And considering how expensive the membership fee is, I feel like they should offer free ones. Last week, I took the girls swimming and the lifeguard manager kicked us out. She told me if Shyla had an accident, she could lose pool privileges and maybe even gym membership. I said I was willing to take that risk. And was told, "Well, we're not." What the heck?? Anyways, I don't really know what to do. I want to keep taking the girls swimming, but really don't want to buy more diapers. Lame.

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Julie said...

I use a reusable one. It cost 8ish bucks and I havent had to buy swim diapers since. I also reused the disposable ones a ton before i bought the reusable one.. Just hang it dry with her swim suit and you can get quite a few uses out of each one.