Saturday, September 14, 2013

Homemade Jam!

I have been in jam-making mode for the last few days. I made 7 pints of blackberry jam, 5 pints of raspberry-peach, and 5 pints of strawberry-raspberry since Thursday. Time to restock the freezer! I actually ran out of freezer jam last month and had to buy (gasp!) store jam. So sad! At least now I won't be running out anytime soon! =) On Wednesday, I also made 4 gallon-sized ziplocs of peach pie filling and threw them in the freezer. And Thursday, along with the blackberry jam, I did 2 ziplocs of blackberry pie filling. Next month is apple season and I want to make some apple butter and apple pie filling. Yummy!
Jade was my helper this morning with the strawberry-raspberry jam. She smashed the raspberries like a pro, chopped up the strawberries, stirred the pot of sugar/pectin/water, mixed the fruit and liquid together, then helped with the jars. Such a good girl! She was excited to learn how to do it so she can teach her children someday. Jade will be an excellent little mother!

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