Thursday, May 29, 2008

So Close, And Yet So Far...

Well, I've made it through Thursday. One day closer to FREEDOM!!!! If you haven't noticed by now, my life's center is the weekend. I live for weekends. I breathe for weekends. I would bleed for weekends, but what would be the point? So far, no plans yet. Probably just my normal errands Saturday morning and then maybe we'll hit the pool. We loooovvvveee the pool! In fact, it's one of my requirements when we buy a house in Arizona. It HAS to have a pool, or it's no deal. I've lived there for too long to think I can survive without one! Church Sunday morning, maybe the dog park after, and dinner at our friends house. Oh, shoot! Ok...add feeding the missionaries Saturday night. And maybe we'll take the girls to Nim's Island. Maybe. I think I'd prefer the pool, though. It's free. =)
So I've been making a new quilt. I'm super excited about it, but have run out of material for the moment. I needed 35 prints and 14 solids, but I only had 5 of the solids. So off to the fabric store...eventually. Dave tends to get upset when I "waste" money on unimportent things, meaning things he doesn't feel he needs. But what he doesn't realize is that I do need the material. I have to have a project to work on, or I feel quite...blah. So it's either I spend $20 on fabric, or feel blah till I do. And when I feel blah, that means hotdogs or cheese crisps for dinner. Hahahaha! Off to the fabric store!
I feel pretty weird writing about something other than my girls. Especially with no pictures to post. But I really don't have very many people to talk to during the day, and eventually they do have their own lives to live. Besides, isn't this the point of a blog?
I can't wait to move!!!! =)

P.S.~ This is Dave's and my favorite commercial. Chances's right for you, too.

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Roma Li Wakamatsu Morgan said...

I know how you feel about the "blah, blah, blahs" I always need to have at least a few projects in the works, various stages of completion, ect....